Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Work Life Balance & Mak

These few months have been very hectic for me. A lots of work, promotion, new post, programs, travelling and blah blah blah. But nothing beats the time I spend for Mak.

She has been diagnosed with stroke since December 30th. I spent 15 days of my January's rainy nights at hospital, accompanying Mak, next to her all nights.

Mak, you are the greatest Matriarch ever. Get well soon. I'm desperate to listen to your daily basis nagging of things around the house and having breakfast of your nasik aruk. the best ever in the universe. and the tumpik. It's out of this Milky Way.

Talk Mak.


  1. wah..nasik aruk n tumpik..i miss my kampung! huuh

    Makcik..get well soon!!

  2. nothing beats our mak homecook and the aik tangan makes it taste better!

    thanx Vee

  3. Insyaallah semoga mak ktk cepat sembuh ok...

  4. Thanks Ms Tikot. Its a hard time, but to see you loves one's eyes looking at you haplessly, its even harder. Thanks again.

  5. Betul tu...Bak kata orang..Syurga itu ditalapak kaki ibu.

    Semoga emak ktk cepat sembuh :)

    Mak isah


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