Friday, February 11, 2011

Episode 1 : The Christmas Trip

Hatyai backstreet

We went to Thailand last December. It was a very no-plan-trip I can say. We only bought an online flight ticket back from Hatyai - KL. No other bookings, no nothing. The rest we left it to God to decide where we were heading.

The hawker sellling grill seafoods at Aonang street. Drool*

I was in KL for official trip and my significant other joint me few days after. The initial plan was to go to Pulau Tuba, Langkawi and spend few nights there at fishing village then off to my Alma Meter in Sintok.

Pay per Ride Elephant at Aonang. She looks old and overworked

But we ended up going further up to Hatyai by bus from KL after a short discussion and bought the flight ticket straight away online from hotel room in KL. Typical us.

The fire performer at one of the pub at Aonang

The bus from Bukit Jalil took us 9 freaking hours and we arrived Hatyai at 6am. From there we just opened Southern Thai map to look where to spend the night and decided to go to Krabi by van after getting the info from the bus ticket counter lady. It took us almost 5 hours to reach Krabi with 1pm van.

The young dudes bathing at the clean stream of Aonang Village

In the van, we sat next to a Singaporean who settled down in Krabi and he suggested to us to go straight away to Aonang Beach, that is 20 minutes away from Krabi Town.

Krabi Town Waterfront. Coolness*

At Aonang we managed to bargain a chalet room that cost us 400baht from 600baht. Cool ey? Actually we can bargain everything in Thailand. Trust me.

The Aonang Beach that we didn't fancy

So we spent 4 days at Aonang, which famous with white beach, blue sea, beautiful islands and limestone cliffs and packs with resorts, hotels and pubs.

We were there. The 7th Anniversary of Disasturous Tsunamy : Dec 26

We didn't really amazed with the beach and the beach was packed with tourists. And we hate it. It was xmas holiday and we should have been aware of the consequences.

My significant other tried to read the tourist info signboard that is not tourist friendly

We spent most our time roaming around the village area and Krabi Town by bike we rent. We didn't even go for Island hopping nor swimming at the beach. Crowded place made me dizzy I guess.

One Village One Industry. Thai Batik chanting at Aonang Village

The Pasar Malam at Aonang

I know it was a backpack trip but telling the truth, we didn't really enjoy this trip especially me. It was like something holding me to enjoy the trip and and urged me to go back home.


  1. wah!rindu maok ke cnun gik eh...

    kacak pantey ya..

    rasa kmk kelak mun berduit ckit maok backpacked juak lah..

  2. Vee

    Mun nak backpack, sik perlu bnyk duit. Just perlu rajin bertanyak and bejalan and sik kisah spending on unluxurious items. Boleh save bnyk wo, esp on accomodation and foods.


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