Friday, December 3, 2010


I'm off to Kapit next Monday. Can't wait and looking forward to visit the laidback small town in the middle of Sarawak rainforest. I never been there before and will spend 3 nights at the long house which I don't remember the name.

and I want to witness the catastrophe from the out of hand the so called logging industry which created by the greedy blind idiot logging interpreneur from the view of Express Boat along Rajang River. Damn Loggers! Damn you all.


  1. first of all..i like your header! simple but superb!

    apa dipolah ktk gi sia? saja jln2 ka

  2. nang lom kalak smpe ke kapit ya...enjoy ur day..=p

    nang hantu juak pembalak ya..bgs ktk g sia tembak kan haa...selamatkan hutan kta...yerr...=p

  3. Vee

    the header is superb? speechless* thanks btw =)

    kmk pegi kapit saja jak jalan2. sik pernah pegi sia, so i think its a good time to go.

  4. Flo

    u should go. sikkan pegi sopping ajak. try gik pegi survey rural area. its something relaxing and worth to spend.

  5. duuhhhhh... sabar boss.

    idiots are super morons!!

  6. sabar tok Ida. I saw u somewhere in town that day. But didnt dare to say hi coz u looked busy! =)


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