Sunday, November 28, 2010

Random Pics

My Wife, Her Baby Sis & My Mother In Law - 3 pieces of cooling factors. Batang Ai Hilton Resort Jetty and the tranquil sunset. Awesome.

Tupong Bridge of Jalan Merdeka, Petra Jaya, Kuching. I subconciously noticed this kampung bridge and the small river of Tupong have their own aesthetic view which I doubt it if any of the villagers do have the same sight. I hope they do.


  1. Vee, if you are observant enough u will notice there are alot of kacak thing around us even its just an ordinary thing for other ppl.

  2. agree with u Mr Fleece Masta.. tangga keliling sebenarnya byk pemandangan kachak2 trpulang pada kita utk melihatnya.. :)

  3. Benar ya boss. Semua benda kacak, bergantung dr perspektif ne kita nangga benda ya. and i adore the pics taken by you. Nice*


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