Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Old Pad

Our old and retro looking apartment. Presidential City of Presidential Boulevard, Philadelphia

Lately I keep thinking of our good time when we were still in Philadelphia. I missed the city, the people, the life and especially our old one bed room cheap apartment in City Avenue. It's an old apartment, just next to the main highway and just 8 mins drive to the downtown. Superconvenient!

The cheapskate living room deco for a retro looked apartment

We had the moment of our lifetime there and I'm thinking of going back there soon. The coolest city of all.

Philly Downtown. The famous City Hall and William Penn Statue on the top.


  1. Walaupun cheapskate living room, tp ok jugaks...

  2. Vee : Haha the hardest time is the best time ever and that makes it special

    Tikot : Student ne ada duit nak beli perabot mahal2 hehe. Just take whatever affordable and comfee enough.

  3. kacak juak la apartment ya...best simple..=p
    aaa..mesti ktk terkenang2 best moment d sia nk..

  4. Salam :) maksih sebab follow blog mak isah :) dah follow you back.

    Betul ya..the hardest time is the best time..' nicely said!

    Have added your link to mak isah blog list as well

  5. Flo : yalah ko. beraie tedah kmk duak laki bini sob* =))

  6. Mak Isah

    One cool blog you have there, thanks for joining my smalltime blog.

    And yeah, you will always in mind how you manage your hardest time than your leisure moment. that makes you, you now! =)you have a good day Mak Isah.


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