Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Piasau Camp of Miri

I went to Miri last month visiting friends who settled down there. Miri is one cool town I must say. With the proper urban planning, Miri nowadays is one of my favourite city to be visited.

Piasau Camp sunset. This is somewhere near the beach on the way to Lutong

One of my friend lives in Piasau Camp, a former settlement for Shell employees. I love this place, with an open concept of housing and well maintained lawn and yard plus spacious house.

Zam & Din. My good friends since school and now. At Kray's place in Piasau Camp.

Those who live there, I can say they are LUCKY to have that kind of environment to live. A privacy and old style of western style of living. I found out that the way they built the housing area and the concept is similiar with the housing in surburban area in western country.

Cool housing area and I envy them!


  1. wahhh...mena la best d miri..mek xkalak gk g miri..huhuhu..
    must visit there 1 day lak...=p

  2. mesti visit flo. sik la best gilak tp ok la pakei raon2 2,3 ari. or u can off to mulu or niah. nice breakaway!


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