Sunday, November 28, 2010

Random Pics

My Wife, Her Baby Sis & My Mother In Law - 3 pieces of cooling factors. Batang Ai Hilton Resort Jetty and the tranquil sunset. Awesome.

Tupong Bridge of Jalan Merdeka, Petra Jaya, Kuching. I subconciously noticed this kampung bridge and the small river of Tupong have their own aesthetic view which I doubt it if any of the villagers do have the same sight. I hope they do.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sikog Waterfall of Padawan Highland

Sikog Waterfall located at Kampung Sikog, somewhere near Mambong Area around 30 minutes drive from Kuching City Centre. I never heard of this kampung till Che'gu Hafiz mentioned about it when we had a discussion few weeks ago, about our initial plan to climb Santubong.

The akek where his yard we parked our car

After a suicidal plan of climbing Santubong last week, we decided to do something lighter and casual. And there came the idea of going to Sikog Waterfall. So we called Che'gu Hafiz, and asked him to guide us to the mystery waterfall of Sikog.

Get lost starts from the first step. I love that grass!

We arrived at Kampung Sikog at 9am, slightly late from initial plan. After parked our car at the one of the kampung's resident and paid him handsomely RM5 for parking fee, off we go into the kebun & jungle at the back of the kampung, confidently.

Dain & Aseng : Lost in the secondary jungle of Sikog

We supposedly trekking in estimation of 30 minutes to arrive to the waterfall but instead it took us almost 2 hours plus to reach there after being lost in the jungle and villagers farm. It wasn't really a nice experience, to get lost and knowing that you were in an alien surrounding.

Slippery plank bridge on the way to the waterfall

We reached the waterfall and it was a stunning one. One high waterfall from the rocky hilly river straight to the deep basin. The water was ice cold and refreshing. And the best thing is, we are the only people there and the waterfall is all ours.

The Sikog Waterfall

After we had our lunch, Din, Che'gu Hafiz and I went up stream and found the reservoir which the main source of the villagers to get their clean water for daily usage.

Surveying the Up Stream

Fresh and clean highland water with no clorine, no water treatment, no bills to be paid and just using gravity to channel the water to the surrounding villages. Cool.

Din clearing the filter of the pipes to smoothing the flow of the water supply to the villages

Then it started to rain heavily packaged with thunder storm. Great. We didn't stay longer, we packed our stuffs and trekking back to the kampung, soaking in the heavy rain. I love it! Jungle, Heavy Rain, Muddy Pathway, Leeches & Nature. All together in one package.

The pipeline of clean water to the whole villages

We arrived the kampung within 30 minutes, changed our soaked clothes and drove to 10th Mile Market, 15 minutes away from the kampung and had our tea break.

The Lost Gang. From left : Din, Aseng, Aji, Che'gu Hafiz & me, behind the camera.

It was not really adventurous as I expected and the feeling of going back to Santubong Mountain really dwell deep inside of me. I need to go back there and standing up on the top of the Santubong next!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Santubong XPDC - The Failed One

I went climbing up Gunung Santubong yesterday with 3 other highscool ex-classmates. It was an impromptu plan and it was a suicidal! Without any preparation physically neither mentally, we just went off to the legendary mountain of Sarawak, in the cold mist of early morning of good Sunday.

Early Birds. We were the first 4 climbers checking in

Our plan was to start trekking early and reach the top by 11am, and have our simple brunch before off back to the entrance by afternoon. But, we were wrong! very wrong and totally underestimated the track and overestimated our capability.

Sepul's first round agony

I had my last mountain climbing back in 1998, when i was still an undergrad student. While Din never climb any mountain before but he his a gymgoer. Sepul & Asseng, let just say the last time they had intensive exercised was like err.. when Siti Nurhaliza not even popular yet! And to have a mountain climbing without well preparation, its like a disaster in the making.

Climbing down the first slope

We started climbing up at 8am, and just right after 45 minutes of treking from the first check point, Sepul vomitted and he justified it because of the heavy breakfast he had and the redbull drink that I gave him before that. and Asseng, he started to have difficulty in breathing and we kept stopping for every few hundred metres we walked but he did fine after that.

The view halfway of the mountain. Santubong River and Kuching City from afar

We reached the waterfall at checkpoint 5 and that was after 2 1/2 hours of trekking which supposed to be under 2 hours by normal trekking and the stiff part is yet to come. It is a small waterfall with a wood bridge cross it from the other side of the trek. One beautiful waterfall and we decided to hang out there on the way down after reach the top. The plan will be the spirit boost for us, supposedly.

We proceed with our trekking till we reached the checkpoint 9, when the nightmare started. The trek is full of 90 degrees slopes forgodsake! with the rope ladder we managed to go till checkpoint 13 except for Sepul. We had to leave him alone at checkpoint 11 due to his groin and old injury of his knee.

Going down after lunch with 90 degrees slope. And there are alot of it all the way to checkpoint 9

So we had our lunch up there and it was already 1pm. Thinking about Sepul who was still sitting alone in pain at checkpoint 11, we decided to go down and just forget about the the summit, which just 30 minutes away from the last checkpoint we reached.

Sepul's second agony

We went down, picked Sepul up then slowly declining the mountain while enjoying the spectacular view of the surrounding area and Kuching City from afar. Breathtaking view I can say with the fresh gust and different type of flora and fauna, It was one of the best feeling ever. Escape from the daily busy routine and breakaway from the hectic life, with fresh air and the green nature, it was one hell of the feeling! but it comes with cost. I have problem with my knee from my old injury from playing football and harmstring, and it was killing me!

Din took a power nap at the waterfall. Awesome.

We managed to reach the waterfall at 3pm and spent like 30 minutes there, enjoying the cold water and clean our selves up a bit. With the sound of flowing water, the chirping birds, jungle sound really can make you calm and placid. I took 10 minutes nap on the bridge before we off again to the starting point.

The waterfall. It used to be bigger. Well, what do you expect, its a global warming era =))

We reached our car by 515pm with a supergreat relief, sore body, limping and stink shirt. We promised to be back, and this time we will conquer the top with whatever cost it will take. Im so proud of everybody, with no preparation we managed to reach checkpoint 13 which is the second summit.

It was fun but we wont do it again without a proper preparation and never again underestimate the challenge of Mount Santubong. With sore legs and ache shoulders, its gonna be a long day in the office today. Longgg dayyy...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Piasau Camp of Miri

I went to Miri last month visiting friends who settled down there. Miri is one cool town I must say. With the proper urban planning, Miri nowadays is one of my favourite city to be visited.

Piasau Camp sunset. This is somewhere near the beach on the way to Lutong

One of my friend lives in Piasau Camp, a former settlement for Shell employees. I love this place, with an open concept of housing and well maintained lawn and yard plus spacious house.

Zam & Din. My good friends since school and now. At Kray's place in Piasau Camp.

Those who live there, I can say they are LUCKY to have that kind of environment to live. A privacy and old style of western style of living. I found out that the way they built the housing area and the concept is similiar with the housing in surburban area in western country.

Cool housing area and I envy them!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Old Pad

Our old and retro looking apartment. Presidential City of Presidential Boulevard, Philadelphia

Lately I keep thinking of our good time when we were still in Philadelphia. I missed the city, the people, the life and especially our old one bed room cheap apartment in City Avenue. It's an old apartment, just next to the main highway and just 8 mins drive to the downtown. Superconvenient!

The cheapskate living room deco for a retro looked apartment

We had the moment of our lifetime there and I'm thinking of going back there soon. The coolest city of all.

Philly Downtown. The famous City Hall and William Penn Statue on the top.

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