Friday, September 3, 2010

Ping Pong Madness

These combination of things, ruined my afternoon

Usually, in the afternoon, I will spend my lunch break taking a nap since I'm not really go out for lunch.

Recently, I granted the allocation for the ping pong table for my staff's recreation and since the only area that spacious enough to put the table is the office area is between my room and my boss's room, which they put it there.

Now they play ping pong day in day out on lunch break. And it's madness.

the new room of mine

Since the table is out there, I couldnt take my áfternoon nap anymore because they are too loud. Well, at least I achieved my target, to let my staffs interacting with each other and having healthy lifestyle. But on the other side, now I'm missing my long nap in the afternoon. Darn*

I love playing ping pong, but I love my afternoon nap more, I guess.


  1. kacak opis ktk owh. i need that tidy office too. ofice mek kedak serang garuda jak..

    keja cney dah ktk?

  2. Wah..I wish my management can provide the same too..its really look dull in my surrounding hahha..

  3. Vee : Baruk keja 2 bln mmg la ofis kemas and bersi. tunggu dlm 4,5 bln gik, kompom mengarei mcm rebak anyut. Im sure of it! haha

  4. Alv : you can ask from ur boss to provide those recreation tools for you and your colleagues. Im sure its gonna fun [and loud]. I put darts, ping pong table, carom and congkak for my staffs to play and have fun.

  5. haaa..why dont ktk spend the 1hr break with 1/2hour nap n 1/2hr playing ping pong..=p

  6. Flo

    sik pat rasa kmk. dah bepeloh2 kompom sik dpt nap, and mun dah nap, kompom sik dpt bangun nak main pimpong. boleh pilih sigek ajak =)


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