Monday, August 30, 2010

Green Technology and Earth under Threat

Everybody is talking about Green Technology. But do they really understand, what the heck is green technology?

If they do, do they really act like one who understands on what is green technology all about? Or do they just being ignorance and live the life fullest as what they want and ignore the fact of how our mother earth is on serious threat nowadays.

In every corner of the globe - on land or in water, in melting ice and dissapearing snow, during heat waves and droughts, in the eye of hurricanes and in the tears of refugees, the world is witnessing mounting and undeniable evidence that nature's cycles are profoundy changing.

So what are we gonna do?


  1. pity the people in sibu kenak banjir :/

  2. yes Ida. the pakistan and China great flood, drought in Russia and europe countries, the weekly basis earthquakes and volcano eruptions. Those are signs of our Earth is losing its balance and magnetic stablity. We only have our own to be blamed.

  3. scary when think bout china n pakistan....
    n the posibility for msia is there...coz dolok tsunami pun ada kenak..eeii...ndak la berani..hohohoh..

  4. Kmk sik pasti gilak pasal Malaysia pun possiblity kenak any disaster, but harap2 sik la. tapi kmk really concern pasal food crisis globally, and its of coz will effect msia in any other way.


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