Monday, August 30, 2010

Green Technology and Earth under Threat

Everybody is talking about Green Technology. But do they really understand, what the heck is green technology?

If they do, do they really act like one who understands on what is green technology all about? Or do they just being ignorance and live the life fullest as what they want and ignore the fact of how our mother earth is on serious threat nowadays.

In every corner of the globe - on land or in water, in melting ice and dissapearing snow, during heat waves and droughts, in the eye of hurricanes and in the tears of refugees, the world is witnessing mounting and undeniable evidence that nature's cycles are profoundy changing.

So what are we gonna do?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jumaat Prayer Dude

Hari ini hari jumaat, ramai org pegi sembahyang jumaat
tapi aku masih menghadap binatang pc ini, sebab tiada kereta hendak pegi sembahyang jumaat

kereta aku wife aku yg drive, sebab belum mampu nak beli dua buah kereta
minyak mahal macam emas, nak drive hari-hari 50km return,
tak termasuk tol yang mahal tak ingat

aku ingat nak beli tosikal, tapi aku tiada lesen tosikal
lesen kereta aku pun dah 2 tahun mampus, hanya ada lesen memandu Pennsylvania,
yang valid hingga 2013, yang aku tak pasti valid atau tidak di bumi malaysia

So better Ill try seeking anyone available
for me to hop in and perform the prayer
before my eyes started to shut
this damn supercool aircond is killing me hard

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