Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back in Town!

from Hilton Batang Ai Jetty - tranquil sunset. Went there with the family for Gawai Vacation.

Im back in town and have started working, back to my old office but in the different portfolio. Bosan*


  1. Nice the sunset scenery..

  2. yerr~~!!! dh blt hoo...welcome bck...rajin2 keja..mun x further gk la..mbik course lain..;p

  3. Wow beautiful sunset.
    Hopefully, you enjoy your new post.

  4. Alv : thanks. the best sunset i ve seen indeed!

    Flo : aok, kmk dah balit Kch. maybe will off again within 3 years time. cant wait =)

    Zuiyanhong : I enjoyed the moment so much. there is so much interesting places in msia, its just a matter we go and explore! =)


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