Monday, May 3, 2010

Pancakes & Omelets Hunting

Mecca Diner in Raleigh, North Carolina - cool diner established since 1931

I'm always craving for our local Malaysian breakfast but lately, I'm craving for pancakes, while my wife, she kept on hunting for the best omelet in town. We managed to try out several diners around Philly, tasting out their varieties of pancakes and omelets.

The Amish's blueberry pancake at Reading Terminal Market - the best so far

Our main concern is, when we will be back in Kuching soon, we wouldn't get the chance to have delicious diner foods like the ones we enjoyed here.

Amish's mushroom & cheese omelet - my wife love it!

I noticed that in Malaysia, most of the western breakfast are only served at hotels and/or high end restaurants. It is quite difficult to fine one diner that serves this kind of food especially in Kuching.

The customers, waiting to pounce their hands on the
Amish's breakfast at the Reading Terminal Market

It seems that the majority of the people in Malaysia prefer to have local breakfast menus like nasik lemak, laksa Sarawak, mee kolok, roti canai, teh tarik and all those manis2 and lemak2 traditional breakfast cakes and delicacies.

The Amish lady serving her hungry customers

Don't get me wrong, being a Malaysian myself, I love those local foods for breakfast but thinking about how much the cholesterol and those lemak2 elements in them, it made me think twice to have those kind of breakfast on a daily basis.

Chestnut Hill Diner - they have trolley at their entrance

I love pancake and omelet very much that if we have the chance to go out of town, we will try the diners all over the places for their special pancakes & omelets in the menu.

The mushroom omelet & toast of Chestnut Hill Diner - Savory*

So while we are still here, we will continue to hunt for more pancakes and omelets as long as we have the chance to do so.

Chestnut Hill Diner - our breakfast that I doubt will be easy to get when we are back in Kuching soon

I'm thinking of opening our own diner concept with reasonable price in Kuching but I'm quite skeptical if our local people can accept this kind of food. I'm sure we still prefer roti canai, nasi lemak, laksa Sarawak and mee kolok for breakfast.

My homemade pancake with hot brewed coffee - haven.


  1. kenak pancake ya kedak ya...hancur..

    gik ingt dlok masa kecik2 suka polah pancake mpun..tepung dgn susu junjung jak.heheh

  2. apuu. u make me wana do pancakes for breakfast. blueberry pancake ya nyaman alu rupa. btw, sik puas ati how come your homemade pancakes look perfect!! jeles. mine didnt turn out perfect like yours!

    apa rahsiaa!!?

  3. Vivian

    Dont judge the tumpik from its cover. Nampak jak ancor, tp isiknya fluffy and with the blueberry,its the best pancake yg kmk pernah mkn =)

  4. Farah

    Ada kmk nangga gambar pancake ktk kat flickr, kiut kali jak hehe. kmk rasa kmk polah pancake ya pakei sukatan nak ditangga kmk dr resipi online + diadun dgn kasih sayang. kmk suka pancake kmk fluffy, so tarok telo lebih kit.

  5. cam tumpik jak upa pankek ya oo..hehehe

  6. lebih kurang jak tumpik dgn penkek boss. tp tumpik nyaman agik hhehe

  7. hai.. anak-anak saya suka sgt penkek.. especially the eldest one.. satu keluarga pun suka..
    baru tadi dinner dgn penkek, mmg sedap makan dgn homemade syrup, fruit n ice cream
    penah juga terpikir nak buka kedai penkek, hopefully cepat cukupmodal n impian tercapai..


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