Saturday, May 1, 2010

Going Out till Drop

Beautiful tulips at Washington Ave of Cape May, New Jersey

My wife & I, didn't really stay at home these few weeks. If possible, we want to spend everyday, exploring the places that we never been before. Too short of time and too many places to check out.

Philly Zoo! the firsts Zoo in America.

Bird Wet Land Observatory, Cape May, New Jersey

It was like, the days passed by in speeding mode. I will try to up date our exploration if I have free time soon. For the time being, I'm too busy going out and enjoy our last spring in Philadelphia.

Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia - our fav place


  1. ensem laki disebalik buah pisang ya..hehehe
    1st zoo..waaaa...nang best la..

  2. nyempat juak vivian nilit laki ya..hahahahaha.....
    best g zoo..mek suka!!!
    zoo negara & zoo melaka mek dh pg..
    zoo taiping jak lom..
    apa gk zoo d msia tok hoo..hehehehe

  3. Vivian

    Mostly first thing in US tok started from Philly such as first hospital, first library, first bank, first systematic housing etc sbb philly is the first capital city of US sebelom dipindah ke DC. so Philly tok kira bandar lamak la. bnyk bengunan2 lamak that makes it so kacak. =)

  4. Flo

    Bena kata ktk, sempat juak sik vivian ya. haha.pantanggg...haha

    kmk sik pernah pegi zoo d msia, zoo philly is my first visited zoo!


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