Wednesday, April 21, 2010

En Route KCH

It's April 22 2010. We only have 24 days left to enjoy our days in States. I just can't believe it, that how fast time flies when you are enjoying yourself and with your loves one of every single nanosecond, in this beautiful country and wonderful people.

Sunset Beach of Cape May, New Jersey

But, no place like home. We are going back home, to the place that we belong to.


  1. Balit terus ko Vivian. Mission dah accomplished di Amarika tok. Yeah~

  2. ah...wellcome home la kelak owh, sik hal,rejeki ada dimana-mana

  3. Vivian

    that is true indeed. We will miss this place dearly. But we will be back after few years.Hopefully. But on the bright side, sik sabar nak balit Kch and mkn mkn mkn mkn mkn ahhhaha

  4. Joy

    Yeah, thats true. Thanks. Kuching is still the best place anyway =))


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