Wednesday, April 21, 2010

En Route KCH

It's April 22 2010. We only have 24 days left to enjoy our days in States. I just can't believe it, that how fast time flies when you are enjoying yourself and with your loves one of every single nanosecond, in this beautiful country and wonderful people.

Sunset Beach of Cape May, New Jersey

But, no place like home. We are going back home, to the place that we belong to.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Valley Creek at Valley Forge

We went to Valley Creek last week. It's a creek area somewhere in Valley Vorge, that is 20 minutes drive from our place.

It was a shiny, hot and bright day. A perfect day for a random outing for us. After warming up the car engine, we were still indecisive where should we head to. Ended up we chosed to go to Valley Forge for a sightseeing.

The American Revolutionary War Monument

Valley Forge was the site of the camp of the American Continental Army over the winter of 1777 - 1778 in the American Revolutionary War led by General George Washington.

The site of the encampment became a Pennsylvania State Park in 1893, and became Valley Forge Historical Park on the 4th of July 1976.

The family park

The modern park features historical and recreated buildings and structures, memorials and newly renovate visitor center.

The cabin where the soldiers lived in the cold winter of 1777 - 1778. On called, anytime for the battle with the British Army.

We can drive car, cycling or walking for a tour around the encampment site of Valley Vorge

The park memorial visitor center's compound

The park was awesome but the creek was really supercool I must say. We spent the whole afternoon, hanging out at the park and exploring the remote part of the creek.

The flying fisher at the creek

The wood path for hiking and jungle trekking

The clearwater stream

We also stumbled with a hidden stream and old bridges at the hidden creek area which we found out, we were the only visitors at that moment.

We didn't know this old empty house used to be the great French, General Lafayette's quarters till we got closer and saw the below signboard

an old steel bridge

Love the creek's tranquility and the serene view, we plan to come back and bring together our other friends for a picnic trip. This time with a blanket for me to sleep, at the river bank. Haven.

My significant other, enjoying herself basking under the hot sun

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Belgian Waffle in Philly

Aku jarang cerita pasal makanan dalam blog aku. Tah lah. Mungkin sebab dah berlambak sangat yang cerita pasal makan dan sejak aku mula diet, aku dah kurangkan aktiviti makan dalam kuantiti yang banyak dan lupa dunia.

Kecuali makanan tu special.

Baru-baru ni, aku dan my loyal side kick, orang rumah aku teringin nak makan Belgian Waffle selepas tertengok dalam rancangan Food Network. Nampak macam sedap.

Jadi wife aku googlekan dan cuba carik the best belgian waffle di Philadelphia. So dapat jugak la 3, 4 recomendation for few places in downtown. So we decided to try one at Bonte Cafe at Walnut & 18th St.

So the next day, dengan bersemangatnya both of us tunggu bas to the downtown for a sake of having the waffles as our breakfast.

The cafe is not bad, located in the basement of an old building. So dgn keadaan blurred, tak tau what to order, we just asked the cashier what is the best waffle they got.

So kita org order the special belgian waffle breakfast for my wife and aku order the one with ice cream on the top.

The taste? Very nice, just like other waffle but it's more fluffy and tasty with cinamon. Makan satu dah kenyang.

Lepas makan, aku & wife buat sikit post eating discussion and we agreed it's not that out of this world sedap tapi pelik bila tengok dalam tv, semua nampak sedap.

Well I guess, kalau dah lidah Melayu + Cina, memang tak boleh blah sangat makanan org putih. But it's a good experience though. We will try again next time. Perhaps at other diner.

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