Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Fishing Trip

It was a beautiful first day of Spring last Saturday. At last, it's Spring! Yeah! the most awaited season of all, after the suffering with the freezing winter.

the morning view of Hopewell Lake, French Creek State Park

We welcomed the Spring by going to fishing at French Creek State Park in Lancaster Country, just out suburb of Philadelphia County.

The county is also known as a Dutch Country and it only takes 45 minutes drive from our place in Philadelphia.

the creek

It blessed with the natural delights intermingle with the hand-plowed farm of the Amish people and where the infamous Hershey Chocolate factory is located.

First hot coffee in the cold spring morning

Zaki called me up the day before, asking me to go fishing with him and Apek at the creek. They picked us up early in the morning that was 6.30am and we all headed straight ahead to Lancaster County.

Zaki and Apek - high spirited angler

the fishing permit and you will be fined if you are caught fishing without the permit

We were the earliest birds to arrive there and it was still cold but the morning scenery by the lake was stunning.

With the sun just rose between the naked forest branches in its golden shiny light and to inhale fresh air from the forest, it was one hell of the best feeling.

waiting and waiting for the bait to be eaten by the bass and trouts

And on top of it, knowing the winter has passed, it was the greatest feeling after all!

reading books + the morning fresh breeze

After choosing the best location to cast trouts & bass and prepared the fishing rod, we had our breakfast by the lake at the pier.

It was a hot nasik lemak prepared by Zaki & Apek's special sambal.

the best breakfast of the year

Fishing Rod = USD50
Fishing Permit = USD20 / year
Car Fuel = USD20

Nasik Lemak + By The Lake + 1st Day of Sping + Awesome Companions = PRICELESS

the pier : our fishing spot

I didn't really fishing, instead, I spent most of the time enjoying the view of the placid lake with my significant other.

the spooky loo in the woods

We roamed around the lake, enjoying our moment together with tranquil scenery, just by ourselves.

the avid angler : he fed the ducks a lot

the picnic table provided by the lake authority

At the end of the day, we didn't get any fish, we lost quite a number of our artificial baits and I burnt my face after being nakedly exposed to the sunlight.

But we had a great outdoor day and the most important thing, it is Spring!

the Park Ranger checking out on us

But Apek still look disappointed though. I guess he prefer fish than spring and sun.


  1. waa~~ mek ingat ktk tauk ada oleh araipama...hehehehee..
    kacak view nya hoooo...best2..sgt tenang..........
    duhal perlu permit mok ngail..huhuhu...

  2. woww... I am sooo jealous. The views are fantastic..they are to die for...look so serene and so clean and fresh..

  3. Flo

    Ngail juak tp kelang kelus la haha. kacak aih, best da jak pun pakei bekelah. kelak bila pokok2 tgh bebunga kacak agik.

  4. Angie

    Yeah, so serene and tranquil. plus there were not many ppl around since it is cold outside. the park management is doing a good job in maintaining the place. Love it here.


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