Thursday, March 18, 2010

Relationship : Gas Control Management

My wife is a reserve and no nonsense type of person. She doesn't complain much and to hear her nagging, is like twice a year. What can I ask more? It's the biggest bless for me to have her as my significant other.

But recently she complained that I'm not as hypervigilant as I was when we were still dating last time.

It's like, that I'm not that sensitive anymore and not really listening to her [I think it's men's global problem, not only me]. I took it seriously and we figured it out together after that.

One of the issue of my lack of sensitivity according to her is fart. Yes fart. She complained that nowadays I farted anywhere and anytime I want, even at her presence.

Which I never did when we were still dating [that what she think eheh].

Michael Cunningham of University of Louisville studied relationship annoyance found that people suppress their irritating behaviours early in the dating process but allow them to emerge once they're in a commited relationship.

The studies show "people pay attention to what they have to put attention to. When you are dating, you're hypervigilant , once there are commitment, you feel entitled to relax"

That explains very well but I have my own explaination that is more scientific and logical.

I know its gross to fart in front of people and it's not that I'm not sensitive anymore as she claimed.

It's just that when we were still dating, we only met roughly 3 times a week, and every date will be lasted for 3 hours, at least.

All together, roughly we spent only 9 hours per week. So I can limit and try my best to control my bowel movement and the gas emmisions at her presence when we were going out within that 9 hours / week.

But after kawin, we are spending almost the whole of our time together, day in day out, week in week out.

So it's almost a mission impossible for me to control the bowel movement and gas all the time or else I will have problem with my digestion process and the colon will get stress. Trust me, I know, coz I tried. My best.

And to go to the other room just for a sake of releasing the gas, it sounds not really practical and it will distract my focus on whatever things I'm trying to focus on [such as watching tv, reading books or playing games].

It's worst if you have bloating problem.

I know it doesn't sound convincing, but it makes sense. She seem to accept it but I know deep inside of her, she thinks that is lame and I'm an idiot haha.

Knowing her no nonsense attitude, I think she will let me slip away this time. And I will try the very best of me, to put the emissions on the silent mode.

Thats the best I can do for the time being and we'll see how it goes.


  1. hehehehehe...adeh...true..gerek mek kedak ya koh....dolok bkn main kontrol nek tok elek2 jak eh...lemah nyawa...we have been 6yrs wonder la..blom gk kawen lak..abis cita..hahahaha.........

  2. Baruk begerek dah kentut mengarei bf ktk? hahaha.. he is one cool dude. good luck for the after marriage. hahaha

  3. Hahahaha. Then don't fart sesuka hati ;)

  4. Its too easy to say than act Brenda haha. As I said, I've tried and came up with the justification as posted =))


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