Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cemetery Hang Out

We always passed by this cemetery every time we went for a drive at Kelly Drive instead of Schuykill Highway, from Philly Downtown to our place in City Avenue.

It's located on the hill off Kelly Drive and it is such a nice place to visit and we kept reminding each other that we will someday hang out at the cemetery. Finally the day had came and it was last weekend.

Laurel Hill Cemetery was built in 1836. And it is not an ordinary cemetery site as we found out that this cemetery is the second largest rural cemetery in the United States.

It was designated as National History Landmark in 1998. One of only a few cemeteries to receive the distinction.

If you already watched the recent Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler's movie, The Law Abiding Citizen, they had one of the scene at this cemetery.

The part when the District Attorney's vehicle exploded. How cool is that? Explosion between the tombstones.

This 74 acres site has 33000 monuments all together. With a sculpted hillside tombs and rows of obelisks, this cemetery site is one big 74 acres of art gallery.

It amazed us to see how people are willing to spend hundreds of thousands just for a sake of building monuments for someone who is no longer breathing on this earth.

Located above the Schuykill River, it is such a nice feeling to stroll around between the grave tombs. We had the cemetery all for our selves since there we nobody else there except for a couple with their joyful dogs.

We spent almost an hour at the site, enjoying the view from the top of the hill and it was one breathtaking view I can say. A view from the eyes of the other side of the world.

We will leave the earth someday but I do not wish my graveyard to be as overly-lavished as the ones that we seen at this Laurel Hill Cemetery.

I just want one small wooden tombstone on my grave with my name written on it with small Verdana and Jawi font.


  1. suka la tga langit biru2 ya...!!
    nang kacak..

  2. kmk fobia nangga kubur..sik tauk kenak ..rasa ngeremang roma..haihhh

  3. rasa2 u ada sik antu pocong di US????

  4. BS

    Di sitok mun cuaca bagus, langitnya nang sekda awan langsung. Very clear and photoperfect. But from the bad side, it expose us to ultraviolet, and high probability of skin cancer mun terover expose. spooky*

  5. Jud

    I think sik perlu takut. kubur coma tempat engkah badan org dah sik bernyawa. kmk rasa kmk takut lagik dgn org gik hidup dari org dah sik ada nyawa sbb org gik hidup tok kita sik dpt predict apa they are capable to do. tp mun jalan mlm2 sorg d kubur, sik kmk maok juak la haha

  6. Adi

    I rasa sekda. sbb pocong pun 2 main criterias :
    1. kain kepan puteh dan ikat macam kelupis
    2. sbb kenak ikat, so pocong tepaksa melompat

    org mati sitok semua makei dress and blazer. so rasanya sikda pocong, zombie ada kali sbb sidak dpt jalan mcm biasa hehe

  7. nice point fleece..[about ur metadology of pocong] errr..what i can call you ah? proper name...en.___? call me vivian and you?

  8. eee~~~ ngutik eh..huhuhhuhu...
    p nice view...;p

  9. Vivian

    Nice name. Just call me Zul. Nice to meet you =)

  10. Flo,

    lalu ngutik haha. The cemetery is not that ngutik I can say. nya macam taman, so sik rasa ngutik gilak.


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