Tuesday, March 30, 2010

BBQ : Unhealthy but whattheheck

We had a bbq session last weekend at Bob's place in Claymont, Delaware since our old friend, Amir & family were in town. They used to live in New Jersey but they move to Savannah, Georgia last summer.

It was a bright day with a bit of wind gust but it didn't stop us to bbq outside with all the stuffs already being marinated the day before.

My significant other took her turn to jaga the bbq and curi2 ate the ribs when I wasnt looking

We bbqued lamb ribs, chicken, sirloin steaks, fish, hawtdawg and cow bowel. I didn't really fancy the bowel, because it tasted like a roasted wet towel.

The career dudes : Riu Baring, Amir Johor & Bob discussing about retirement, investment and Obama healthcare plan

But the ribs and chickens bbq were out of this world. Love it. All marinating process are done by Bob the host. I only accompanied him buying those stuffs at halal food and pinpointing which one to buy the day before =))
The busy backyard of Bob's

I think it was quite a lof of bbq we stuffed ourselves that day and I tried not to bother the calories that I consumed.

What I did, just try to close my eyes, put the stuffs in my mouth, chew, swallowed and enjoyed the tasty tender oily fatty meat that about to be in my digestion system.

The toddlers enjoying themselves playing hopschotch

So this weekdays I have my gym schedule occupied, for me to get rid all those fat, oil and calories that I purposely ignored at the first place. Serve me right.


  1. best nya..nelan aek liur tga mknn awal pagi eh..

  2. Vee

    pagi2 tok mcm2 jak ktk boleh mkn pakei breakfast di kch ya. best ada jak.


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