Tuesday, March 30, 2010

BBQ : Unhealthy but whattheheck

We had a bbq session last weekend at Bob's place in Claymont, Delaware since our old friend, Amir & family were in town. They used to live in New Jersey but they move to Savannah, Georgia last summer.

It was a bright day with a bit of wind gust but it didn't stop us to bbq outside with all the stuffs already being marinated the day before.

My significant other took her turn to jaga the bbq and curi2 ate the ribs when I wasnt looking

We bbqued lamb ribs, chicken, sirloin steaks, fish, hawtdawg and cow bowel. I didn't really fancy the bowel, because it tasted like a roasted wet towel.

The career dudes : Riu Baring, Amir Johor & Bob discussing about retirement, investment and Obama healthcare plan

But the ribs and chickens bbq were out of this world. Love it. All marinating process are done by Bob the host. I only accompanied him buying those stuffs at halal food and pinpointing which one to buy the day before =))
The busy backyard of Bob's

I think it was quite a lof of bbq we stuffed ourselves that day and I tried not to bother the calories that I consumed.

What I did, just try to close my eyes, put the stuffs in my mouth, chew, swallowed and enjoyed the tasty tender oily fatty meat that about to be in my digestion system.

The toddlers enjoying themselves playing hopschotch

So this weekdays I have my gym schedule occupied, for me to get rid all those fat, oil and calories that I purposely ignored at the first place. Serve me right.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Fishing Trip

It was a beautiful first day of Spring last Saturday. At last, it's Spring! Yeah! the most awaited season of all, after the suffering with the freezing winter.

the morning view of Hopewell Lake, French Creek State Park

We welcomed the Spring by going to fishing at French Creek State Park in Lancaster Country, just out suburb of Philadelphia County.

The county is also known as a Dutch Country and it only takes 45 minutes drive from our place in Philadelphia.

the creek

It blessed with the natural delights intermingle with the hand-plowed farm of the Amish people and where the infamous Hershey Chocolate factory is located.

First hot coffee in the cold spring morning

Zaki called me up the day before, asking me to go fishing with him and Apek at the creek. They picked us up early in the morning that was 6.30am and we all headed straight ahead to Lancaster County.

Zaki and Apek - high spirited angler

the fishing permit and you will be fined if you are caught fishing without the permit

We were the earliest birds to arrive there and it was still cold but the morning scenery by the lake was stunning.

With the sun just rose between the naked forest branches in its golden shiny light and to inhale fresh air from the forest, it was one hell of the best feeling.

waiting and waiting for the bait to be eaten by the bass and trouts

And on top of it, knowing the winter has passed, it was the greatest feeling after all!

reading books + the morning fresh breeze

After choosing the best location to cast trouts & bass and prepared the fishing rod, we had our breakfast by the lake at the pier.

It was a hot nasik lemak prepared by Zaki & Apek's special sambal.

the best breakfast of the year

Fishing Rod = USD50
Fishing Permit = USD20 / year
Car Fuel = USD20

Nasik Lemak + By The Lake + 1st Day of Sping + Awesome Companions = PRICELESS

the pier : our fishing spot

I didn't really fishing, instead, I spent most of the time enjoying the view of the placid lake with my significant other.

the spooky loo in the woods

We roamed around the lake, enjoying our moment together with tranquil scenery, just by ourselves.

the avid angler : he fed the ducks a lot

the picnic table provided by the lake authority

At the end of the day, we didn't get any fish, we lost quite a number of our artificial baits and I burnt my face after being nakedly exposed to the sunlight.

But we had a great outdoor day and the most important thing, it is Spring!

the Park Ranger checking out on us

But Apek still look disappointed though. I guess he prefer fish than spring and sun.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Relationship : Gas Control Management

My wife is a reserve and no nonsense type of person. She doesn't complain much and to hear her nagging, is like twice a year. What can I ask more? It's the biggest bless for me to have her as my significant other.

But recently she complained that I'm not as hypervigilant as I was when we were still dating last time.

It's like, that I'm not that sensitive anymore and not really listening to her [I think it's men's global problem, not only me]. I took it seriously and we figured it out together after that.

One of the issue of my lack of sensitivity according to her is fart. Yes fart. She complained that nowadays I farted anywhere and anytime I want, even at her presence.

Which I never did when we were still dating [that what she think eheh].

Michael Cunningham of University of Louisville studied relationship annoyance found that people suppress their irritating behaviours early in the dating process but allow them to emerge once they're in a commited relationship.

The studies show "people pay attention to what they have to put attention to. When you are dating, you're hypervigilant , once there are commitment, you feel entitled to relax"

That explains very well but I have my own explaination that is more scientific and logical.

I know its gross to fart in front of people and it's not that I'm not sensitive anymore as she claimed.

It's just that when we were still dating, we only met roughly 3 times a week, and every date will be lasted for 3 hours, at least.

All together, roughly we spent only 9 hours per week. So I can limit and try my best to control my bowel movement and the gas emmisions at her presence when we were going out within that 9 hours / week.

But after kawin, we are spending almost the whole of our time together, day in day out, week in week out.

So it's almost a mission impossible for me to control the bowel movement and gas all the time or else I will have problem with my digestion process and the colon will get stress. Trust me, I know, coz I tried. My best.

And to go to the other room just for a sake of releasing the gas, it sounds not really practical and it will distract my focus on whatever things I'm trying to focus on [such as watching tv, reading books or playing games].

It's worst if you have bloating problem.

I know it doesn't sound convincing, but it makes sense. She seem to accept it but I know deep inside of her, she thinks that is lame and I'm an idiot haha.

Knowing her no nonsense attitude, I think she will let me slip away this time. And I will try the very best of me, to put the emissions on the silent mode.

Thats the best I can do for the time being and we'll see how it goes.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cemetery Hang Out

We always passed by this cemetery every time we went for a drive at Kelly Drive instead of Schuykill Highway, from Philly Downtown to our place in City Avenue.

It's located on the hill off Kelly Drive and it is such a nice place to visit and we kept reminding each other that we will someday hang out at the cemetery. Finally the day had came and it was last weekend.

Laurel Hill Cemetery was built in 1836. And it is not an ordinary cemetery site as we found out that this cemetery is the second largest rural cemetery in the United States.

It was designated as National History Landmark in 1998. One of only a few cemeteries to receive the distinction.

If you already watched the recent Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler's movie, The Law Abiding Citizen, they had one of the scene at this cemetery.

The part when the District Attorney's vehicle exploded. How cool is that? Explosion between the tombstones.

This 74 acres site has 33000 monuments all together. With a sculpted hillside tombs and rows of obelisks, this cemetery site is one big 74 acres of art gallery.

It amazed us to see how people are willing to spend hundreds of thousands just for a sake of building monuments for someone who is no longer breathing on this earth.

Located above the Schuykill River, it is such a nice feeling to stroll around between the grave tombs. We had the cemetery all for our selves since there we nobody else there except for a couple with their joyful dogs.

We spent almost an hour at the site, enjoying the view from the top of the hill and it was one breathtaking view I can say. A view from the eyes of the other side of the world.

We will leave the earth someday but I do not wish my graveyard to be as overly-lavished as the ones that we seen at this Laurel Hill Cemetery.

I just want one small wooden tombstone on my grave with my name written on it with small Verdana and Jawi font.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

PDA Discrimination

I'm fine with PDA - Public Display of Affection. Which a couple physically demonstrating their affection for another person while in the view of others.

Holding hands, hugging, touching and pampering each others, kissing your couple etc. it is just the one of the way people showing their significant other their love.

DC Mall, Washington DC

I'm ok with that and it's none of my business if anybody want to do their own PDA. It is a common view here, people displaying their affection. It's just their custom and they proud of it.

Just that I'm not that comfortable with homosexual dude displaying their affection in public, to be exact in front of me. It looks so wrong.

Washington Square, New York City

Looking at a couple of men, french kissing and hugging each other passionately on the bench in the middle of the park, trust me, it is not the best panoramic view in the world.

But I'm slidely [read : totally] ok with the female homosexual PDA. And don't ask why. I'm just fine with that.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Goodbye Winter. I'm not Gonna Miss You.

It has been a while since the last time I jotted down something on the blog. I was just being lazy, I guess.

It's one more week to go for officially Spring! Yeah! Just can't wait for the spring and I'm sick of winter.

The chilliness, the subzero temperature, the limited mobility and the top of the list I hate most is, the dryness of the air and the super low humidity. It makes the skin dry and my nassal inflammed, especially at night.

The heat from the heater worsen the dryness. I hate it to wake up in the morning, just to find out my throat and nassal are damn dry and painful. And frequently, it comes together with the nosebleed. Darn it*

Well it is end of winter, and this will be our last winter before heading back home on this coming summer. Just can't wait for the Spring and enjoy the nice weather and colorful scenery, when the flowers and trees will start to bloom. Can't wait.

p.s : Those are pics taken at Kelly Drive, Philadelphia recently, on the finest day of winter this season. Just 5 minutes walk from our place. Love it there.
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