Monday, February 1, 2010

Women & the Mysterious Habit

Coach - bought last month

Cole Haan - bought recently at Milwaukee

Coach - bought recently at Milwaukee

Marc Jacob - Bought end of last Summer

Banana Republic - bought last Fall

All the bags above are new and my wife never used any of them yet. One of the bag, she bought it from online and the others, we bought it from outlets in Philadelphia and Milwaukee.

She only use two [2] handbags all this while.
  1. The old black Gap handbag that she bought at OU back in Malaysia to go to class.
  2. The other one is the Furla handbag for non-class purposes.

Furla - the first handbag she bought in US and always carry around. most of the time. all the time.

The "funny" part is that, most of the time, when we go out, she will throw all her stuffs including her purse, lipstick, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, sunglasses etc into my backpack and she will jalan berlenggang. [erk..??]

My poor backpack. My wife has her own compartment in this backpack.

Here's the thing, eventhough she already has a bunch of UNUSED handbags excluding those that we left back in Malaysia, she is still keen to buy more handbags and spend hours and hours looking at handbags online shopping websites. [??]

Well I guess, there are things that should be left unexplained and don't even ask why. Especially when it comes to women and their shopping habits. PEACE*

Because you will not get any acceptable justification and you never will. And I still don't understand.


  1. i love this post!! and i'm really terasa about it!!

    well, it's typical woman? hahhahahahaha..
    kacak handbag wife ktk..berik kmk if she dont used it..hehehehe

    pmpuan love beautiful thing..all thing in shopping complex are beautiful and sangat menarik minat mpuan..maka layap dan layap lah mereka walaupun bukan dlm wishlist dan bukan kehendak mereka..

  2. jul mek mok juak bag mcm ya..mek nak mesan ..kitak iboh ndak ndak ngembak masa balit ujung taun tok..

  3. wahhh~~!!! kacak2 beg wife ktk..hehehehhe...mena kata beautiful stranger ya...benda nok kacak layap jak ngga even bkn dlm wishlist...ujg2 nya meli juak..heee~~~~~

    thinking of going soping diz weekend...;p

  4. Helloooo, hahaha, only us girls get it ;) You won't understand it unless you're a girl =D Lol.

  5. Hi, hahaha... waahh, i really double up laughing when I read your post. Gosh, we women are so funny huh... it's true, i have soo many bags and still looking. My trip to Jakarta/Bandung last April, I bought 4 handbags, my recent trip to KL I bought 2 and my trip to Manila in October, I bought 3 handbags..hahaha it is so excuse is, oh they were on sale and branded. We know it is a waste of money, but we just can't help it. and oh yes, I just bought a handbag online. It came yesterday and oh so hideous.. I think I will give it away. :-)

    have a great day..

  6. BS

    Ada gik cita typical women hehe. Yalah, cant agree more, rempuan suka benda kacak and mudah nak layap, bila layap mudah nak ngeluar duit meli benda kacak. sik apa la, mun layap, dimaapkan. sbb sik sengaja haha. I dont think my wife will let those bags go. They are still in their boxes and bags, well preserve in the closet! haha. Eranku.

  7. Jud

    boleh. asal boleh sediakan ongkosnya. and kmk sik pandei mileh beg, suruh mem kmk pileh.klk beg dipileh kmk rupa mcm tambok klk haha.

  8. Flo

    Lalu nak pegi sopping haha. Yalah, masalahnya Flo, brg wishlist dah bnyk, tambah gik brg2 yang sikda dlm wishlist dibeli juak. camne la. so apa significant nya berisik wishlist? haha. Sik paham saya.

  9. Brenda

    I used to be a personnel senior exec and knowing ppl personality & behaviour is my specialty. But when it comes to this kind of woman habit, I give up. hahaha. Ive tried to find the answer, but so far... nvm lah. I dont want to elaborate more. Just let it left unexplained, I'm fine with that hahaha

  10. Waa.. Angie! You are worst! hahaha. I wonder if you ve time to use those bags. Dont answer, I know you wont. hahaha Those are a hell lot of handbags within a few months. We have a friend here who her whole closet is full with handbags, bottom to up. I bet yours are likewise haha

    Have a good one Angie.

  11. I thnk one of these days, i will do aninventory on my bags, take pictures and post..hehehe. It's a weakness which I am trying to stop hahaha.. if you can believe me.

    I know of some people who can't stop buying shoes... sort of like Imelda Marcos

  12. Yeah. I think, its a sickness but a good type of sickness haha. Well, i believe shopping and buying unnecessary things is a good teraphy for us. So, technically, you are doing nothing wrong since it is something benefited you and your significant other, indirectly =))


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