Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Cheap Sledding : Between Fun and Butt Concussion

It was another enormous snow blizzard hitting our area again last weekend, paralyzing the whole 4 states, forcing the authorities to declare State Emergency.

The ran amok blizzard brought along more than 2 feet of powdering snow covering the ground and with the sunny day after the blizzard, it was a perfect combination for SLEDDING! Yeah!

We went to our friend's place, Bob & Aifa's in Claymont, Delaware which located 20 miles south of Philadelphia, spending our good Sunday at their place together with Zaki, a working dude from Valley Forge

Awaiting at Bob's place, were Irfan, the Temple Uni guy and Fendi, the UPenn chap.

Irfan & Fendi fooling around in the snow at Bob's backyard

Going sledding was an impromptu idea. We just finished watching EPL game in the morning, and while having lunch somebody came out with the idea of sledding.

Everybody agreed and after lunch, we were ready going for sledding.
  • Thick powdering of 24 inches snow [checked!]
  • sunny day [checked!]
  • suitable attire [snowcaps, gloves, snowboots, snowpants, snowproof jackets etc [checked!]
All set to go! Just 2 small problems.

One, we didn't have sleds and second, we didn't know where the sledding spot are around Claymont . Whose idea was that to go for a sled again? Brilliant.

The plastic sled

So we spent our first hour of sledding session, hopping from store to store in Claymont and Wilmington, looking for the sleds.

Ironically, all stores were out of sleds. I just can't believed it forgodsake!

The actual sled that we were looking for

We ended up buying 2 cheap inflatable air pocket plastic floats. Well, it was better than nothing since we were running out of time.

Zaki & Bob figuring out how to blow the float

Using iPhone place finder apps and gps, we managed to find the nearest place for sledding.

It is Rockford Park of Delaware which is located just 15 minutes away from Claymont.

Zaki : Practise makes perfect

When we arrived there, the hilly park was already packed with sledders especially kids.

The lone hill, with the height of almost 3 stories building and the ride from the top to the flat ground is about 100 feet long. It looks fun!

The Rockford Park Sledding Hill

After making sure the plastic floats were loaded with enough air, we went sledding down the hill by taking turns. It was fun!

Fendi's first attempt

Eventhough it was not as fast and long as the toboggan slide, but with the average speed of the sled surfed down from the sloppy hill, it was ridiculously awesome!

We found a carton box and used it as the alternative sled. It was not bad I can tell you.

Zaki's first attempt with the box sled

Eventhough we did look a lil bit awkward with everybody else using the real sled, rubber tube and snowboard. But who cares? As long we have fun!

and Zaki's first accident. Makan snow!

Just one thing. Since the floats are not made for sledding, it easily got flat due to our weight and heavy duty usage. We had to pump the floats from time to time after sledding down.

Bob sledding down the hill with the float

Tough job of climbing up the hill and the float was no more float. It transformed into tikar.

We had to pump it up over and over again. The implication of using float as sled.

But it never stopped us, we had a lot of fun, just like other "kids" around us. Heh.

"I think these Asians are freak I tell ya" whispered the kid to his friend

Smooth sled with the rubber tube.

The result of using flat plastic float and a carton box as a substitute for sleds?

I had bruised chest and a painful butt afterward! Argh... I'm sure the rest are having the same impact too or worse?

Race time!

We went back when it was almost dark with crunching belly, shivering of coldness, watery nose and painful concussion butt.

Well, that is the cost we have to pay for not using the appropriate equipment but the pain will cure. But the fun? It will be remembered for ages. Awesome.

And I'm still having problem to sit down properly.


  1. Bestnya ada snowwww! Eeeee. (Berangan kejap) Cobalah Kuching ada snow oo...

  2. yalah ho. bena kata ktk til. tepaksa suruh sidak swee kang marut ais lebih sikit mun nak main snow til.

  3. Hi, waaaa, you guys sure had fun, huh? Believe it or not, I am in Canada ta'pernah bust tu slide....ha ha.
    But I love making fresh footprints on snow, at night.
    Sometimes I walk backwards and back on my same footsteps, make kids wonder how the footsteps hilang, ha ha.
    Have fun, stay warm best regards, Lee.
    Senang datang.

  4. I wish I can feel the snow right under my feet. With God will, I'll be there one day..cross fingers hehehe

  5. Salam tahun baru,

    Sori sbb lama x blog walking. I'm 'busy' lately. Anyway, I'm back on air. Visit me!


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