Friday, February 5, 2010

The Best Ever Fish & Chips : A Salt & Battery of NYC

If you are a big fan of Food Network Channel in Astro, I bet you know who Bobby Flay is. He is a celebrity chef that has his own tv program in the cable which includes FoodNation, Boy Meets Grill, BBQ with Bobby Flay, Grill it! With Bobby Flay, Iron Chef etc.

Bobby Flay da man

But our [actually it's my wife's] favorite program of his is "Throwdown! With Bobby Flay". In this program, in every episode Bobby Flay challenges cooks who are renowned for their specific dish or type of cooking to a cook-off their signature dish.

During the competition, both chefs prepare their particular version of the dish, and both are then will be evaluated by local judges to determine the winner. Sounds fun 'eh?

In season 2 Episode 5, Flay challenged Matt Arnfield from New York City, the owner of A Salt & Battery and his infamous signature dish, Fish & Chip.

Matt Arnfield won this competition.

Matt Arnfield & Bobby Flay the Iron Chef

We bet his fish & chip must be very very very good, since he beat Bobby Flay in a throwdown! =)

Since we were in Manhattan, New York City last Fall, we took that opportunity to search for A Salt & Battery shop that is located in West Village, Manhattan to try the fish & chips ourselves.

After strolling around in Brooklyn and Greenwich Village the whole day, in the evening we headed to West Village by foot for a search mission of that place.

The shop from outside

We found the place which is located in the working class area of West Village, Manhattan. An authentic English fish & chips shop. Surprisingly, the place is not as grand as we thought.

It's only a tiny shop with few chairs and one long cornered table inside the place. Most of the costumers were ordering for to go. That impressed us. This must be good.

The shop, this time from inside and the only table

So we ordered ourselves their infamous haddock and halibut fish & chips. Add with some salt and tartar sauce, there we were, on the real treat.

Ordering for the best fish & chips. Authentic and typical wall of English fish & chips shop.

The fish was superdelicious. The crispy batter reduce to softness by stages, fried without being too greasy. The chips? It was amazing. Crispy and thick, with juicy and tender in the inside.

Together with the tartar sauce, it was a dynamite! My mouth is watering just by thinking of it again.

We came just because of you

So that was our dinner for that night. After spending almost an hour in the shop, enjoying every piece of the best fish & chips we have ever had.

My significant other and her baby sister enjoying every single piece of the delicacy

We left the shop and continue walking towards Chelsea area before heading back to Mid Town Manhattan using subway, where we we stayed for the whole week.

Walking back, looking for the subway station in Chelsea, Manhattan Island of New York City

And Bobby Flay, at least you lose to the best. Nothing to be ashamed about it =))


  1. pahal muka dicover ya jul hahaha...tang nyaman jak fish n chips ya

  2. sik boleh so muka jud, perut boleh haha. muka indon pecah rmh tek nak? haha

    nyaman fish & chips ya haih. rasa di sorga bila first time ngigit & telan.

  3. Thought that the government warning was about you - reason for being so ashamed to show your face hehe

    Yup, hot Fish and Chips just out of the fryer, i love it too :)

  4. lallala-nyaman nya....i love fish n chips dish. harus ku suatu hari lak menapak me manhattan carik ya jak hui.

    anyway pulang kuching makan Sugar Bun Fish Burger, the best so far, sik terlawan tempat lain, they keep the ori flavor.

  5. wahhh~~ berbela ahh cr then nyaman...weee~!!! lapar ngga fish n chips ya..=)

  6. ohhh I memang loove fish & chips and the way you describe and the pics ..makes me hungry again eventhough i just had lunch.. would have just throw caution to the wind and wallop some forgetting I am supposed to watch what i eat.. hehehe..

  7. Zen,

    how did you know? Its not ashame, just segan a lil bit haha. And that is one good fish&chips, will not hesitate to go again next time. I bet where I can get a good one in KL. Any rocomendation this time?

  8. Joynstar

    Aok, harus kitak raon d Manhattan carik kedei tok dan sunat hukumnya berenti makan sebelum knyg hehe.

    Apa2 hal, fish burger sugarbun terbaik. tambah gik engkah signature sos kacang sugarbun. Fuh. Pandei ingin mkn fish burger sugarbun, ktk ya tek sebut pasal ya haha.

  9. Flo

    dah nemu fish & chips ktk tek? ka masak dirikpun? haha

  10. Angie

    Go for it while you still get to chance to eat. Dont stop yourself unless terpaks =)) Actually Im now in my own diet as well hahaha. Have to watch my calories consume in daily basis.


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