Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter & Mee Jawa Dream

Winter is not our favorite season and it's -6 deg celcius today. The cold makes you feel lazy to move around and always feel want to spend the whole day to be underneath your blanket, or to be particular, my precious green fleece.

The other thing you always want to do and keep doing it during winter is to eat. At this time, your body system will cry for more food most of the time in order to generate heat for your body.

It's not a surprise if by the end of the season, you will gain weight more than you expected.

You will always crave to have something that you can't get. In my case, I kept having flash backs the Mee Jawa that we had when we were in Miri last summer.

The taste? I swear to God, the mee jawa is the best we have ever had for the whole of our eating history! It was so delicious, I kept dreaming about that mee jawa after that.

The havenly delicious mee jawa of Kampung Pulau Melayu, Miri

This stall is located next to no. 9 hole of Miri Golf Club near Kampung Pulau Melayu, Miri. And the locals call this place the " 9th hole warung". Hmm.. a great name for a great food they serve.

The kampung warung concept that a value added for the ambience

Usually, the Sarawak's mee jawa gravy is made solely from sweet potatoes. Same goes to this mee jawa, except that it is cooked together with cow meat & bones. I just can't describe how delicious this mee jawa was.

It was like an electric static shock with the euphoria sensation right after the first drop of the gravy touched my tongue. I hope they didn't put weed in this delicacy. heh =)

The warung hole no. 9 viewed from the parking near the green of hole no. 9

Me and my wife even plan to go back to Miri just to have that Mee Jawa again when we are back in Malaysia this coming summer.

It usually take almost 10 hours to drive from Kuching, our hometown to Miri or 1 hour flight. But it won't be the reason to stop us from getting back there and eat 3 plates of that mee jawa.

But the latest info we get from my wife's brother who lives in Miri, the owner had recently passed away and the mee jawa is not as good as the last time after his death. Maybe the owner didn't inherit the secret recipe to his descendant, he added.

Hmmm... It was a big blow for our plan. Now we will never have another chance to have the same exact mee jawa again.

How I wish he left the recipe to somebody relevant. Now he brought together the recipe of the havenly mee jawa to haven. Where it belongs.


  1. mee jawa nyaman eh..aih terliur nak makan..molah lok eh haha

  2. polah lebih jud, klk kmk duak dtg ngindin mkn. tedah. tapi nak mee jawa kpg pulo melayu miri ya nang best la jud. u should try.

  3. aih...dont worry..mun berat bdn nait...masok jak asia big loser..hehehehhee....

  4. syuoh.. sik la besar gia gilak bdn kmk sampei nak masok big lose hahaha. badan bigik2 aih..

  5. yoh..rugi juak x menurunkan recipe ya ow..
    apa segi empat mcm agar2 ya?

  6. Yo Fleece Master, when you guys are next in KL, go to Haji Don's at Plaza Damas for heaven-on-earth Mee Rebus Johor. Also cooked with tulang and daging lembu! (PS. am not related to Hj. Don - just a recommendation hehe)

    Al-Fatihah to Wak "Warung Hole No. 9".

  7. BS

    yalah ho? sayang da jak. so far d kch kmk lom jumpa gik mee jawa nak nyaman rasa mcm ya, Nak segiempat kah? Ya tulang sapi. two thumbsup!!

  8. Yo Zen

    Thanks for the rekomendasyen =)) sure I will seek for the place and give it a try if happens to be I kat somewhere around KL. I bet you can cook a better mee rebus too, arent you? Then you can jemput us to try ur mee rebus instead =))


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