Thursday, January 28, 2010

Washington Monument of Washington D.C

Washington Monument is always be our favourite monument. It's located near the west end of Washington Mall, in Washington DC. Rising high as the iconic landmark and tallest building in the city.

Standing at 169.24 meters as the tallest stone structure in the world, this magnificent obelisk was made from marble, granite and sandstone, and was completed in 1885.

We have been to Washington D.C a few times since it is just less than 2 hours drive to get there from Philadelphia. The monument has been our favorite spot everytime we had our long end to end walk at the 1.6km National Mall.

But during our third visit last Fall, together with my wife's sister, Sherina and hubby, Johan , the trip was a special one. We had the opportunity of a lifetime to get into the monument and had a 360 degrees view of Washington D.C from the highest spot in the city.

My significant other and her baby sister

Before that, I never thought of having the opportunity to get into the monument since everytime we passed by, there will be a long queue of visitors waiting for their turn to go up to the top of the monument.

This pic was taken on our first visit in summer 2 years ago

The monument from Lincoln Memorial

Unless you have extra time and patient, then it should be fine for you to join the queue and wait for your turn. Since they limit the visitors to go in on a specific time, it will take quite some time to acquire an entrance.

The East View : Capitol Hill and other great museums at the National Mall

The North View : The White House and Downtown DC

But, on that morning, Johan luckily got the extra tickets to visit the monument for an afternoon visit. Yeah!

So after spending our morning strolling around the west end of the National Mall, including the Lincoln Monument and Korean War Veteran Memorial, we headed towards Washington Mall excitingly.

the west view : 1901

The West View : 1920

After queuing for approx. 10 minutes, so off we went to the top. However, we were not allowed to take picture at the checking line at the bottom of the monument maybe because of the security purposes. I guess so.

The West View : Lincoln Memorial and the Reflection Pool

The South View : Potomac River and the Pentagon

Once on the top, we can view through the small windows from every side of the monument at the aerial angel. A very spectacular view of Washington D.C.

the small window at each side of the monument for sightseeing purposes. So small but yet, so many visitors waiting for their turn.

So these are the pics that we took for that rare opportunity visit of ours.

My sweet inlaws : Sherina & Johan, the honeymooners


  1. wah..tok ala2 menara kl ka?hehehehehe...can view all from the top...mesti kacak view dr atas ya nk..hee~~~

  2. kamek menara KL pun lom gik pegi sampai aritok..dek dek kat monument ya..hahaha...

  3. Wow.. I've read about the monument. Hope one day I can visit too. Happy Friday..:)

  4. Flo

    Yeap. very spectacular view =). Dpt nangga the 360 view of United States capital city. Rasa mcm nait dewan suarah kuching la lebih kurang hehe

  5. Mizara

    kmk pun belom pernah nait Menara KL hahaha. Asi2 jak. Mcm gunung juak, arum bulak semua gunung di melaya nun dah didekik kmk, tapi gunung Santubong sik penah hahaha. Loser.

  6. Alv

    glad you read about it before. The history behind the built of this monument is very interesting. Do you know every state in US contributed one brick block each, and each brick block stated the States logo and commitment to build a great nation of America. Cool.

  7. This monument always appear in movies. Its cool that u got to see it first hand.

    Dropping by,

  8. Chris Lim

    Yeap, very famous tower and always on movie especially US security and spies movie =) To get to the top was one of the best experience man.

    Thanks for dropping by bro.


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