Friday, January 22, 2010

Toboggan Slide : The Double Butterflies in The Belly

the classic bobsled

On our second day in Fort Wayne, we went for a toboggan run at Pokagon State Park located 1 hour drive from Fort Wayne. I didn't have any idea at the first place what on earth is toboggan run, even after Nora's detail explaination. Until we reached there.

Welcome to Toboggan Slide of Pokagon State Park, Indiana

We saw a long queue of people carrying sleds waiting for their turn. When we got closer to the tower, I saw a half a mile long double tracks from the towering launcher on the top of the hill. So that is toboggan run or slide they were talking about.

The long queue of an exciting tobaggon sliders

Toboggan is a traditional slide, made of bound, parallel woods slats, all bent forward at the front to form a sideways "J" shape. There is a thin rope, run to the top of the loop for steering purposes. Something like bobsled, but with a basic built.

Personally, the view is not that intriguing for me. Heh.

My significant other was so excited to go for it and same goes with Nora. Mya, also wanted to have a ride. So we bought a ticket, and went up for it.

Ready for launch

After a long queue carrying the heavy sled, we reached the launch spot and we can hear the loud scream of the sliders right after they were being released from the top. Gulp*

The view from the tower top of the launcher. A half mile double tracks of toboggan ride.

I ever tried rollercoaster before and I'm ok with it. I just don't fancy the sensation of the post ride because I will easily get myself to throw up aftermath. But at least roller coaster, we will restrain to the sit.

But toboggan, there is no seat, no safety belt or whatsoever. Just a thin rope at the side to hold and we have to lean to the people at the back.

Roller coaster. gambar hiasan. It has nothing to do with me.

Since I was the only guy, so I had to be the last person at the back and I will have no one for me to lean back to. Gulp* [part II]. You know what I'm saying?

Few second before launching. The operators were making sure, everybody on the right position and the last person have enough fingers to grip the thin rope at the side of the slide

I can feel the butterfly flew freely in my stomach right after all 4 of us sat on the sled. There was no turning back and off we go pushed by the operators in charged.

Travelling with a speeds of 45mph, it was a free sliding of 40 seconds @ half a mile ride from the top of the tower.

Arif & his brothers on the run. The other Malaysian group from Fort Wayne who joined us that day.

I tried hard to open my eyes and grap tight the rope. After several seconds, hey! It was not bad. It was freezing and and my eyes were watery because of the cold wind blowing hard from the front. [yeah rite].

The tracks. at the half way.

I was too excited till I cant scream, just enjoying the speed and try to balance myself from not to be rolled out from the sled haha. And in the same time, tried hard not to swallow my wife's hair that kept wiping at my face.

We had to bring back the heavy sled manually, to the top of the hill half a mile away. And it was not in 40 seconds I must say.

Err..It was fun! Eventhough my hands were numb because I had to hold the rope tightly, very very tight in deed, since I was the last person at the back. It was a big relief to reach the end of the track.

Mya : She has guts. She was so excited and wanted more everytime we done with each ride. I think she should be the last person at the back =))

But the relief didn't last longer, the 3 of them excitingly & consensusly, screamed together to have one more ride. Gulp* [part III]

The butterflies came back. And this time, they were more colorful than the first one.



  2. Woh you guys really had fun, way to go! Bungee jumping next?

  3. whoaaa!! kesian nanggar muka miak negro ya!! i think I'd have the same effect! LOL

    I would like to go on one of those, belum pernah gik. Roller coaster kah apa apa kedak ya nang ingin mek

  4. Envy..envy..envy really having fun!! post more pic's hehee

  5. Angie,

    I must say, you must one day go for winter vacation and take as many as good pictures of yours. I bet the pics will be outstanding, knowing you talent in natural & view type of pics taking =)

  6. Thank you for the tag but I'm sorry, I think its inappropriate for me to jwb those questions since I dont really share my personal things & feeling in the blog =). Thanks for the thought ya? Really appreciate it. Thanks again. Keep hot!

  7. Zen!

    We are looking forward to try to bungee jumping but couldnt find it yet the place that near to our place. Actually, it is my wife who is thrill seeker, Im not really fancy with those adrenalyn rush activities hehe.

    But I believe in sharing fav things together, will tightening our rapport to each other =)

  8. Hi Ida, long time no see one =)

    Shhh.. u cannot say the N word, just say black hahaha. Mun di sitok, the N word is a sensitive word.

    You must try those adrenaline rush games sekali sekala and push ourself to the limit. Kmk pun sik berani juak, but it was fun though =))

    U can go Genting! or Jerudong Park? masih kah tempat ya?

  9. Alv

    Thanks, we are seeking for fun. And for you, I will post more pics =) You have a good one.


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