Monday, January 4, 2010

Sarawak River : A Different Dimension

I always like river or canal or sea or any watery spots. It makes me feel serene each time I hang out at the riverbank watching the water flow slowly and all activities on it.

It is such a tranquil and beautiful feeling to watch the sun slowly sinking under the orange and red cloud, reflecting the beautiful silver shadow on the surface. Placid.

The view from Pengkalan Sapi, next to the Astana. The white building is the Astana Pier.

We like to sit and enjoy the riverview scene when we are back in Kuching, our hometown. Kuching is blessed for being located beside the Sarawak River.

This enchanting river is very synonym with the city and the people since it is used to be the main transportation highway and its importance for commercial values.

The view of Kuching from Pengkalan Sapi

I myself was born at my grandparents' house which is situated just beside the Sarawak River in a village right across from the Kuching City itself.

I used to learn swimming with my friends in this river when I was little and because of that, I frequently got chased by Mak with rotan once she found out about my mischievous act.

Perahu tambang. The traditional mode of transportation for the local people and foreigners alike to cross the river that still being sustain as Kuching heritage despite of the availability of bridges built to cross the river.

So this is my humble selected pictures collection of Sarawak River for me to share with you guys that was taken with my humble cheap Sony digital compact camera.

The new State Assembly Hall. I never like this building, it's too large and overshadow other iconic buildings of Kuching especially the Fort Magherita & Astana itself.

The Astana pier at sunset

The best way to enjoy the view. Fishing. This river is full with big blue prawns.

It only costs you 50 cents for a ride to cross the river with perahu tambang

The old buildings are no more, it has been demolished to make way for new waterfront

Part of the infamous Kuching Waterfront

Kuching City

Sarawak River sunset at Kuching Barrage

The Sarawak River angler at Kuching Barrage

Out to the sea

The Astana view from the waterfront

The Sarawak Regatta, every August, every year.

The Regatta from Kuching Waterfront

The inner side of the river : Semariang Batu

Semariang Batu - Fishermens' boats

Semariang Batu Pier - Hanging out

Semarian Batu - And the avid anglers off to fish


  1. Envy many places you go hehehe..nice shot!!

  2. Yo Fleece Master, excellent pictures - you've captured the serenity of the river so remarkably. I've been to Kuching a couple of times but never long enough to enjoy the river - maybe next time I'll make a point to do just that.

    By the way, you being born there, doesn't that make you Anak Kuching?


  3. Dear Alv

    Thanks. You go get a break and go jalan2 too. Usually I go for cheap travelling, the cheapest I can get ahhaha. Cheap transportation, cheap hotel, cheap food and but priceless experience. U can do it too. =))

  4. Dear Loren

    Kamek pun. Beraie dgn kampung juak. Theres no place like our own hometown biar kacak ne pun tempat org lain. sob*

  5. Zen Dear

    U should go for the river cruise if it happens to be you are in Kuching next time. Take the sunset cruise. U will be amazed with the view =)) or you can call me, we can go kayuh sampan together. hows that sounds?

    Yeah, can say that, Anak Kuching. As long its not "Anak Ikan" =))

  6. Haha Anak Kuching, you kayuh I sit. Takut nanti the sampan go round and round if I kayuh :)

  7. Yes, in deed! haha. to be safer, we can hire perahu tambang for tour. Lebih selamat haha.


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