Thursday, January 7, 2010

The River Series of Mine

I noticed that I have quite a number of rivers pictures in my collection. Either it Malaysian river, or this other side of the world river. I'm not going to repeat the same thing about my interest on river since I already explained it in my recent entry =) You might be tired of my verbatim word by word quote.

So again, here I would like to share my humble collection of river pictures and again from my humble digital compact Sony camera except for a few pics from my talented sister in law because I like the pics so much. =) This time, it's American rivers.

The boathouses at Schuykill River - pic taken by my sis in law. Nice ey?

RIVER 1 :Our current apartment is located just a few minutes walk to the Schuykill River. They categorize this river as a designated Pennsylvania Scenic River. I'm not really sure what does it means, but obviously it has a very beautiful scenic river should have.

Philadelphia Museum of Art that is located just next to the river bank with Philly skyscrappers at the background - taken by my sister in law

It's very clean and each river bank provide trails for pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, rollerbladers and other recreational activities.

One of the bridge crossing the beautiful scenic river at the end of Fall season

This river is very famous for watersports enthusiasts namely the annual rowing boats tournament and is also a permanent spot for Philadelphia's famous university rowing teams as training spots.

The Schuykill River boathouses - taken by my sister in law. Nice ey?

RIVER 2 :Last summer, we went to have seafood at Havre de Grace, in Maryland. It took us almost one and the half hour from Philadelphia to get there.

The railbridge of Havre de Grace - just for the train

It's located at the headwaters of Cheasapeake Bay and the outlet of Sasquehanna River which makes it famous for water recreation especially fishing.

The anglers of Sasquehanna River, Havre de Grace

They served very delightful seafood and their specialty is the famous Maryland Crab. We had a whole dozen of pepper crab and I ended up being admitted to the hospital due to allergic reaction. Darn it! haha

The famous Maryland Crab - only craps left. Few minutes before I got my face swollen.

RIVER 3 :Wissahickon Creek is a stream located at northwest of Philadelphia before emptying into Schuykill River and only few minutes walk from our place.

The old bridge of Wissahickon Creek

This creek is also famous for the Historical Battle of Germantown in American Revolution Era between the British and the revolution guerrillas. Cool eh?

The stream at one of the large point

The stream view in Wissahickon Creek during Fall season.

But now it's famous for its recreational spots and beautiful trails along the stream for the cyclists and joggers. It is so beautiful and serene, especially during Spring and Fall season.

Not river pic. The Lim Sisters at Wissahickon Creek

RIVER 4 :And this is the sunset scene of Patomac River of Washington DC which I've posted an entry about our trip last time. We went to DC on new year day of last year before we went off to North Carolina for a road trip.

It was Winter and we were "enjoying" the chill at the Washington DC waterfront

Tired of crowded people in DC downtown and other tourist attractions in DC especially at the DC Mall and other museums, we decided to go some other place that we never been before.

The Patomac River sunset. Really serene.

The boats at DC Waterfront. A lot of them.

With the help of the GPS, we chosed to drive to DC Waterfront. When we arrived there, it was almost sunset and we had the whole waterfront just for ourselves except for the boatmen.

What an excellent timing. So we spent the whole evening there till dark enjoying the sunset [and the cold].

The lonely seagull that looked forward for the future. heh.

RIVER 5 : And finally, the East River of New York City. Technically, it's not a river but a tidal strait in New York City that separates Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens from Manhattan Island. We went to Williamsburg, in Brooklyn last fall with my sister in law and hubby for sightseeing.

Manhattan downtown view from Brooklyn riverbank

The slow morning with the great view of the Big Apple

From there, we can see the beautiful panoramic view of Manhattan. With the bright day and clear sky, I must say, the view was damn awesome.

We spent almost half day there, from early morning and ended our trip by walking across-ed the river with the frequently filmed famous bridge: the Brooklyn Bridge.

This Brooklyn Bridge picture was taken from Pier 7 on our first day in Manhattan

The Manhattan Bridge view from The Brooklyn Bridge was taken when we were on the way back from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

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