Saturday, January 2, 2010

Penang part 2 : the Motorcycle's Diary vol 2

Driving in Penang for outsiders is not a really bright idea. The narrow streets, high volume of vehicles and the most crucial factor is, how "polite" the Penang drivers are.

And riding a motorbike? It was a suicidal tendency I can say if you are not familiar with the route and the bike itself. Other drivers don't really bother to give way to you and everyone seems that they are in hurry. Really hurry.

Well, maybe it's not just Penang, I think most Malaysian drivers are like that, just in Penang, that just looks obvious.
From Penang Hill, after riding for kms with only guided by the signboards, with several u-turns, stumbling numbers of dead ends and being honked more than a dozen times, we managed to find our way to Batu Feringghi.

And the hilly coastal road from Tanjung Bunga to Batu Feringghi is really challenging and tricky I must say.

When I was still a student back in 90s, this beach near Tanjung Bunga, used to be me and my friends' permanent spot to spent our night each time we had our scholarship outing to Penang. We just slept on the newspaper and woke up in the morning, took a bath at the nearest masjid. Luckily there was no tsunami.

The narrow 4km road, with the curves shaped like a snake carcass and slippery oily surface of the road made the trip was one hell of the ride.

I just can imagine how worst it could be if we overshot the curve and fall down the cliff straight to the rocks at the beach beneath.

Batu Feringghi Beach

It was quite scary for a novice rider like me that don't even have a motorcycle riding license.

I was not sure about my wife, she seem ok and silent but I can feel how tight she embraced my waist till nearly crushing my kidneys. She was ok. I guess.

Batu Feringghi Beach

We arrived at Batu Feringghi and decided for few minutes stop since there was nothing much except the high end hotel & resorts, restaurants, condos and artificial looking beaches.

But the scenery was nice though. It may wooed the tourist, but it's not that fancy enough to impress us.

Batu Feringghi Beach

So we headed to Teluk Bahang, a fishing village, and on the way, we have to stop in the middle of the road for quite sometime due to a traffic jam that caused by the Indian wedding ceremony upfront. Haha..that was fun.

We just took a glance at the ceremony that just held under the canopy by the mainroad and the smell of food was so tempting before we sped away.

We stopped at Butterfly Farm at Teluk Bahang. After proudly parked the bike next to the Beemer, we entered the park. Hmm.. Nice! It's so green. The flowers just bloomed and it was so colorful.

It was established in 1986 and it claimed as the first ever live tropical butterflies sanctuary with over 4000 live butterflies and 150 species. They also have other insects, reptiles, fishes and plants on display.

I think they should change the name from Butterfly Farm to Butterfly & Others Farm. That is more appropriate and catchy.

We spent more than an hour there, roaming around, enjoying the colorful butterflies and the plants in this 1 hectare farm.

We also found out that in there, butterflies turn into methuselahs, living for as long as 14 days which it is only up to 10 days only in their natural habitat. Err..don't ask me any further question.

The butterflies exhibition in the farm's building

They have big pond full of fishes. Maybe they throw away the dead butterflies as the fish food. Easy disposal system.

Inside the 1 hectare green farm and growing

From there, we off to Balik Pulau using the more narrow, zigzag and hilly road of Penang. And this time around, the road is way longer and 5 times more challenging but cooler.

It covered by the thick forest, tall trees and surrounded by orchards.

Balik Pulau zigzag hillyroad. I think Initial D can shoot their sequel here. Just perfect route.

To be specific durian orchards. And the best thing was, it was musim durian and numbers of orchards have their own stall selling durians and other fruits just at the side of the road. Heaven.

We decided not to eat durian yet before we had our lunch, so we can just sniffed the aroma from the bike, without stopping and makan. That was suffering.

One of the durian stalls, at the Balik Pulau hilly roadside.

At some point of the road, we can see the sea, the kampungs downhill, the green paddy field and more of zigzag road. The view is breathtaking man.

Since we were on motorbike, we just stopped randomly at the side of the road and enjoyed the view. That was one of the best experience ever.

Balik Pulau view

You, your loved one, the rented motorbike and the majestic view of Balik Pulau from the top of the hilly road surrounded by durian trees. Priceless.

To be continued


  1. Man, you have nice photos man. What camera you're using?

  2. Hi How Jun

    Im using a cheap compact digital sony camera only, cannot effort to buy the fancy camera one =). Its ok, its not about how pretty the pics are, its the moment that counts =))

    Thanks for dropping by dude. U take care.

  3. What a scenery..loved it..I hope I can travel as you did..hehehe

  4. Dear Alv

    The sceneries taken everytime we randomly stopped. Just go for travel, plan it properly but dont stick too much with the itinerary and just enjoy it anywhere your kaki bring you =)it will be fun =)


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