Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chicago En Route & The Low Cost Flight

Flight : US Airways [the cheapest one on the line I could find]
ETD : 3.05pm from Philadelphia International Airport
ETA : 5.00pm at Chicago O'hare International Airport

We woke up early, since we planned to get to the airport early and try to get an earlier flight on the waiting list status, after being told by my friend that we could do that for free. So without taking breakfast, off we go to the bus stop.

waiting for the bus in the subzero temp

It was one hell of a winter morning, the temperature was -10 deg celcius , there we were, shivering at the bus stop on Sunday morning.

After 15 minutes of waiting and my significant other almost got a frostbite nose, the bus came and we headed towards 30th Street Station, Philadelphia Train Station in the city.

It's only 10 minutes ride from our place to the city and on Sunday, it is shorter than that.

the 30th Street Station from across the street

We arrived at the station at 8am with the station already busy with its usual routine. The long queue of taxis at the entrance and the crowd of people in this enormous 1928 built station.

the 30th Street Station west entrance

It has a neo-classical exterior design with high coffered ceiling and beautiful art deco chandeliers. Outstanding architecture especially for a building which was built in the Great Depression Era.

The magnificent design of the interior

After we bought 2 tickets of Philadelphia Airport 8.34am regional train, we had our breakfast while waiting for the train. Two fresh baked bavarian doughnuts each from Dunkin Donuts and hot coffees.

Haven! After being freezing before that while waiting for the bus.

the breakfast

The train arrived on time, and we had 20 minutes ride to the airport. A short and scenic view of a ride. With white snow still blanketing the ground and bushes, frozen lake and stream all the way from the city to the airport.

while waiting for the train

While enjoying the view, I kept wondering, what the heck was I thinking heading to Chicago in this kind of weather for our winter vacation? Once in a while, I looked at my wife who sat beside me. I bet she was thinking the same thing too.

the view from the train on the way to the airport

We arrived at the airport before 9.00am and we rushed to the check-in counter to register ourselves for an earlier flight instead of the initial 3.05pm flight.

I've checked online the night before, there will be 10.05am, 11,05am and 1.05pm flights. Hopefully we can get a slot in any of those.

the airport gallery

After asking the old guy who was in-charged at the counter, he told us that we need to pay USD50 for that purpose. So it will be USD100 for both of us.

Yo??!! I'll no pay no more for the flight fee. We are a cheapskate travelers, and cheapskate won't pay for unnecessary cost.

the frustrating check in, in the progress

But we still need to pay USD25 for our oversized backpack that has to be put in the luggage. Gheezzzz,* I thought bags fly free? I thought only Airasia charge extra bags?

The terminal

the terminal window shopping while waiting for the flight

So we spent our whole morning till 305pm roaming around the airport terminal while waiting for our flight time. We went into every store and shop in the terminal, and some of the stores we went twice.

one of the foodcourt in the terminal

We hang out at the lazy chair provided, and all together we made 4 rounds of window shopping for the whole terminal before departed.

the view from our departure gate

our fellow passengers while waiting at the gate

Well, thank God the airlines in US usually really emphasize on time and rare to be late. Unlike Airasia that tecnhnically, based on my experience flying with Airasia back in Malaysia, they never NOT late.

It is part of their slogan "Now everyone can fly [and get delay]". I bet you ever had the same experience with Airasia, if you don't, you must be a loyal MAS passenger then =).

Look, I'm not being unpatriotic, but after more than a dozen experience of being delayed and spending more than double dozen of hours waiting for the delay Airasia's flights.

It pissed me off, and I'm sure I'm not alone, hundred of thousands of their frequent delayed passengers feel the same way too, really =)

But it is undeniable, their price is out of this world. But it shouldn't be your excuse to get your flight delay anytime you like.

Anyway anyhow, they are still my airline of choice since they are the cheapest in the market. Just need to be prepared to have an extra leisure time to be wasted at the airport while waiting for their future "confirm" delay flight. And Tony Fernandez, you da man!

Waiting for our USD25 service worth of luggage at O'hare International Airport

Oh what the heck. Back to our original intended entry, so we arrived at O'hare International Airport of Chicago at 5.00pm, and it was windy, with thick snow outside and -14 degrees Celcius, chillier than our morning in Philadelphia.

Well, at least we arrived safely and ready for one more adventure of us in freezing Mid West region. Go Cheapskate Travellers!


  1. What a journey..I agree with you about AirAsia. In my experience fly with Air Asia 9/10 always being delayed..

  2. Alv

    Ya lah. Mentang2 they are monopolised the low cost airlines, they can set any time to delay the flight ;)) Im sick of wasting time, waiting at the airport for the delay. Well, we are the beggar, and we cant be choosy. Unless we have extra money to naik MAS =)).

    You have a nice day ahead Alv.

  3. are u travel alone? who took the picture?

    and i'm really agreed with ur statement about Airasia..the cheapest but sukati jak delay..

  4. Dear BS

    Usually I travel with my wife and most of the time, Im the one who taking pics. And the chick in the pics is my wife.

    Thanks for the comment and the support pasal Airasia =)). Sakit ati bila tecangok2 nunggu belon yg sik alah2 delay hehe

    you take care and have a good day ahead.

  5. hohoh..ingt ktk mpuan tek..kacak wife ktk..

    delay plg teruk yg mek pernah rasa LLCT ke Bangkok...yoh...sampe i have no idea what i'm going to do and what i want to buy gik dah..mun kt KLIA sikpa la juak..byk benda k tangga..

  6. Oh no?? Does my nick sounds like a chick's nickname? hahaha If it does, I need to change it to some other musculin nickname I suppose? haha

    LCCT ok juak apa. Boleh layan nangga org rami mcm ulat d sia. Lepak d LCCT rasa lepak d Puduraya masa balit kampung musim raya oh?


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