Thursday, January 21, 2010

6 Degrees of Separation : The Shrinking World

Do you ever heard of the theory of 6 Degrees of Separation? This theory refers to the idea that, everyone on earth is just 6 steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know.

Confusing? Refer to the following illustration. I read about this theory long time ago and I believe in it's concept.

From Chicago, we drove 5 hours to Fort Wayne, Indiana visiting my wife's friend, Nora who's pursuing her study there. At that night, we were invited to Nora's friends place for dinner. The host was, a Malaysian lady who married to an American, a very lovely and kind couple.

Kak Zainah : preparing the food for our dinner

While having our dinner, we had dinner table chit chat, sharing our experience and how we missed Malaysia, especially the food. Then the lady, Kak Zainah as I call her, told us that she is from Keramat and specificly explained to us where her parent's place is, which is somewhere at the Keramat LRT Station.

Having the delicacy dinner at Kak Zainah's place

I just spontaneously told her that one of my best friend in campus is from that area too since I remembered I ever been to his house somewhere at current Keramat LRT station when we were still studied back in mid 90s.

Mr. Iskandar, the cool host and the hardcore fan of Minneapolis Viking with Rhino the cat

She asked me what his name is, and I told her. She looked stun and asked me whats the name again, twice! And guess what? My best friend aka my ex-roommate back in campus time is her youngest brother. hahaha. What a small world.

The lovely home of Kak Zainah & Mr. Iskandar

Out of many places, I met my best friend's sister in out of nowhere in the little city of Fort Wayne, Indiana of North America continent. What a small world man. The world is shrinking I must say. The theory of 6 Degrees of Separation is well proven. At least in my case =)


  1. yoh..mesti best bila berjumpa orang dari rumpun yg sama..kaka bahasa yang sama dan kwn kita adalah mereka kenal..excited!!!

  2. kaka sik sama BS eh. kmk kaka sarawak, sidak kaka melaya =)nasib bait dpt lepak dgn nemiak sama kpg di chicago. rasa lepak d kpg jak nemu kawan lamak.


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