Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Penang part 1 : its food madness

We headed northwest to Penang this time from Kuala Terengganu on a 9pm bus and again, one more of Nascar driving sensation we had the whole trip. I managed to sleep but have been kept awake because of the sudden brake of the bus. But what the heck, we just slept and only woke up when the bus made a stop at Baling, Kedah for the sake of my nature call. We arrived Georgetown Bus Station at 5am. That sounds so dejavu isn't it?

A bunch of nasi lemaks for our 5am breakfast at Georgetown Bus Station

But Penang Bus Station is more savvy and they have a cafe opened! Yeah! We had our breakfast of 2 packs of nasi lemak and teh tarik each. Nice* Nasi lemak bungkus with banana leaf first thing early morning.

Before we came to Penang, I've contacted my old college friend, Marzuki aka Anak Gajah [A.G]. He and his wife picked us up at the station. After we had our breakfast [part II] together, they sent us upon our request to this cheap backpackers budget hotel at Little India which called Broadway Budget Hotel. It was cheap! At only RM40 per night with a good looking and clean room which the restroom is just above a curry store that kept playing Tamil songs the entire time.

Common view at Penang Little India

We checked in, took a long nap and only woke up at 2pm, ready to terrorize any nearest nasi kandaq restaurant around. Yeap, one of the main reason we came to Penang was because we want to eat as much as we can the local Penang heavenly freaking food! besides sightseeing and meeting old friends.

A street at Penang Little India

So we strolled around the hotel area which is the Little India town. Wow. It was like we were in a town somewhere in India. Coming from Kuching, seriously, Malaysian Indian are rarely to be seen around because of their small population in Kuching. In Penang, the streets were colorful and the smell and aroma of herbs awakes us all the way. The shoplots are occupied mostly with Indian restaurants, textile shops, music shops and there are small stalls just beside the street sells magazines, newspapers or simple groceries. We love it!

This is not Pune of South India.

One of the small old honda kapcai parked at the front of the shop

My wife, with the least of patient level, charged in to the restaurant without waiting for me after she sniffed the food aroma from inside.

We just walked in this one exotic and old style restaurant at the end of the street . They served food on banana leaves and the waiters can't speak in Malay nor English. The food, especially the curry was magnificent!

What a way of hanging out at Padang Kota. I'm sure the Apek's christmas wish is to get a new iPod Nano for xmas gift. He's one cool old Apek.

The erosion beach view of Georgetown

After lunch, we roamed around some more, this time heading towards Padang Kota Lama that is just few blocks away from our hotel and spent the whole afternoon at this padang looking at people under the basking hot sun of the island heat. Damn. That was one hot sightseeing.

Fishing in the haze at Padang Kota seashore

E&O Hotel open restaurant. Still not yet open for business hours but we just charged in.

We walked and stopped at Eastern & Oriental Hotel. A big colonial classy looking hotel in the middle of Georgetown. With our sweaty look and off dresscode we just charged in and strayed around the hotel including their restaurant, lobby and private hotel garden to check it out. Actually we just wanted to cool ourselves down from the burning heat outside =)

Well, nothing much and from the foyer of the hotel, we took a trishaw aka beca to continue with our dontknowwhere sightseeing. So we asked the trishaw owner to bring us anywhere in one hour ride for RM20 package. Cheap 'ey?

Masjid Kapitan Keling : The Legacy of Indian Muslim of Penang

Khoo Kongsi Temple

Khoo Kongsi Temple

He brought us to Kapitan Keling Mosque and Khoo Kongsi Temple. I don't know what was the curse, everytime we hired a beca, the owner didn't look fit, either old or sick. This time the beca owner, is a Chinese old lad who admitted he got fever and kept coughing most of the time. But it didn't stop him from talking and explaining this & that about Penang Georgetown.

Our sick pakcik beca but still did his job tremendously well.

Hmm... kesian. Still gotta go to work eventhough sakit. And we tried hard not to inhale the contaminated air he spreaded everytime he cough since he was just at the back of our head. We didn't want to bring some viruses back home after the trip.

There was a Chinese opera show just cross the street from our hotel.

This auntie looked so enjoying herself reading the entertainment magazine right beneath the stage of the opera stage

After an hour of beca sightseeing and holding plus screening our inhalation, the trip ended again at Padang Kota Lama. We went back to our cheap hotel to get ready before off we go again with A.G for dinner.

AG tried hard to look for a good table at Gurney Drive food heaven

A.G picked us up at 7pm and off we went to Gurney Drive for dinner. The last time I went there was back in 1998 when I just finished my undergrad. The place looked crowded as usual and cooking smoke came up from all over the area. The smell of food was intriguing and my wife looked stun.

She stunned with how large the area are and how variety of food they have there. We had charkuewtiaw kerang, oyster omelet Teochew (O' cheow) style, rojak pasembor, grilled kerang, rojak buah, kuih doraemon [I don't know what's the name of it but it looked like kuih doraemon though] and other this and that which I forgot the name of it.

Grilled kerang & the super delicious oyster omelet Teochew style

And again, the ugly eating habit kicked in. Well, what the heck. We wont get to eat this kind of food again once we are back in Kuching, or worst, to be back in Philadelphia.

Batu Feringghi Night Market Baazar

After dinner we went to Batu Feringghi open night market. The place never changed, still jammed and crowded with local and tourists who looked for cheap things. We spent our time there till midnight before headed back to meeting more old friends of mine and kedai mamak in the middle of the city. Meaning, makan again.

Hameed Soup at Upper Lane Street

The nice looking soup

We went to this one kedai mamak called Soup Hameed somewhere in Upper Lane Street with my other friends who were already there. I had my first ever torpedo soup dip with benggali bread after being convinced by them that it tasted nice and good for my 'health'.

The soup tasted nice but deep in my heart, I can say the flesh itself tastes weird, chewy and a lil bit bitter. I don't really like it and I will never eat this soup again. Ever. I repeat. Never ever eat torpedo soup again.

The chewy thing I ate with soup

What a way to end my first night in Penang. Eating bull's penis as a late supper. We went back at 3am and ready for the new adventure the next day.


  1. eiii zul..mok juak kitak try makan torpedo sup ya ..eii yek yek..hahaha

  2. lamak dah kmk maok test, tapi sik jumpa yg benar2 nampak convincing. and nak tok rupa mcm nyaman jak tapi sebalik tidak senyaman yg disangka tp ok la, just jgn imejin lebih2 masa mkn. just telan hahaha. u should try once, at least =)))

  3. ey hi. blog kitak berwarna-warni content, a spin for a colour blind tho

  4. Hi Joynstar

    life is too short to be dull and gloomy! so be it in colorflourish! haha

    but sebenarnya, i just dont know what else to make my blog attractive. just blow the color out as long sik excessive gilak =))

    Thanks for dropping by btw. u take care.


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