Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunset from the top of Empire State Building

Built in 1931 and used to be the tallest building in the world for more than 40 years, the Empire State Building is one of the famous landmark in Manhattan, New York City. Empire State Building rose again as the the tallest building in this city after the collapsed of World Trade Centre back in 9/11 tragedy 8 years ago. Interesting fact 'ey?

The scene on the observation deck

We went up on the top of that building last month on our second trip to The Big Apple. This time together with my sister in-law and her husband since they were there for their honeymoon and we planned to enjoy the view of Manhattan's sunset from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. After struggling and spent quite sometime for queuing, we managed to get there on time, before sunset it was.

Other skyscrapers look so tiny from up here. Breathtaking.

The view was stunning which we can go for 360 degrees view angle of New York City by walking around the observation deck. It was still in the middle of fall, so it wasn't that cold up there but the strong wind did make us shiver but the beautiful view of the city made us ignored the chill wind.

Some said, the most romantic spot of the city is up here : A sunset from the top of the Empire State Building. And I guess they are right.

The most unforgettable moment was to enjoy the sunset slowly disappeared under the horizon at the west part of the city. The view was exhilarating that we went speechless, basking ourselves with such beauty.

Manhattan Downtown while sunset. Manhattan south tip between New Jersey shore on the right and Brooklyn Island

And this is Manhattan Downtown after sunset.

All over the city, we can see the raining of lights were on at each building. It was amazing to see how a city was transformed slowly from darkness of dusk to glittering lights.

A beautiful glittering light of the city. Fascinating.

The sightseeing from the top deck of this building is so awesome even King Kong went up to the top of the Empire State Building and dragged along his human girlfriend. It's all about the breathtaking view. I guess.


  1. Hi Fleece Master, you sure have an unusual callsign, ha ha.
    I love New York. And a year before the World Trade came down, a few of my friends and I sitting at the bottom, waiting for other friends who had gone to the top.
    Many times we have thought if it had happened when we there, habis cherita!

    The big Apple is truly a vibrant city, never sleeps and you name it, its there.
    You keep well and keep warm, best regards, senang datang, Lee.

  2. Hi Uncle,Yeap, cant agree more with that. Its too vibrant till I cannot tahan the pace of the ppl there. Everything looks stressful and in hurry haha. Good place to seek fun, but obviously a big no no place for me to settle down.
    thanks for dropping by. U take care. And yes, my callsign sounds odd haha

  3. Hello there Fleece Master, dropping by to return your visit to my place.

    Hey I was in NY in May of 1981 for a brief visit as part of my honeymoon while hubby was on assignment in Dallas. It was vibrant then too, and yeah we did the usual sights.

    Wonder when I'll get the chance to visit it again...

  4. Hi Mrs Zendra

    Thanks for singgah =) Wah.. jauh tu, from Dallas to NYC. Im sure you had a good time there plus it was your honeymoon. I think the flight fees is away cheaper now, u can come for the 2nd time for your 2nd american honeymoon. and dont forget to page me if u do =)

    You have a good one Zendra.


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