Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Philly the Rocky City

Remember Rocky? The 1976 movie starring Sylvester Stallone. The tales of American dream about an underdog Italian descendant boxer, Rocky Balboa from South Philadelphia who had to chase his dream from zero to hero, from just small time club fighter to World Heavyweight Champion.

The film, made for only $1.1 million and shot relatively quickly (28 days), it made over US$117.2 million, the highest grossing film of 1976 for US, and won three Oscars. Impressive eh?

Rocky Steps. He got size 13. That's huge dude.

One of the famous scene of the film is when Rocky ran up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Arts and did his iconic act ever by rising up his hands when he reached the top of the steps. Remember? It is widely known as the great cultural iconic of Philadelphia city's image after Benjamin Franklin. That is huge man! Philadelphia became more popular after the movie hits big reception from around the world.

The Statue of Rocky Balboa - the symbol of the kickbutt underdog

They built a big bronze statue of Rocky right in front of the museum, and named the steps as Rocky Steps. Since we live in West Philly, we pass by the museum each time we wanna go to the Philly Downtown. We noticed this steps is a big attraction to the tourists and even local people and it becomes the-must-visit spot in Philly. Sometimes, it is just unimaginable to see how the art & culture can give such a huge impact towards the tourism industry, socially, and economically.

Everybody is their own Rocky once they are on the top of the steps. And everybody has their own Rocky Balboa inside them to pursue their American Dreams that have been fully potrayed by Rocky Balboa. Even small kids.

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