Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Penang part II : the Motorcycle's Diary

On the second day in Penang, we decided to go for the island tour, by ourselves and out of many ways of transportation available, we chosed a motorbike.

To be specific kapcai Modenas Kriss that we rented from the nearby car & motorbike renting company for RM10 per day. and again, cheapskate? nah.. we just wanted to try various mode of transportation and this time, motorbike =))

Get to check the tyre air pressure was sufficient for the whole exciting roadtrip

We planned to go tour around the island and tried to stop for sightseeing randomly along the way.

With the blurrish direction given by A.G the day before, we headed to Stadium Bandaraya to check out Lorong Kulit Flea Market [the local called it Road Walk or sounded to me like Rowoq] that just next to the stadium. Its a flea market that sells almost everything under the sky.

My wife loves the stones

Right after we arrived at 9.30am, the rain poured out of nowhere and we ended up sheltering in the small restaurant next to the market.

Great. There we were, stucked in the crowded small restaurant waiting for rain to stop and that left us with no choice. So we just had our prematured lunch promptly and only managed to start roaming around after almost an hour after that.

Looking for our bike and it took us almost 15 minutes to find it. They all just look alike.

Lorong Kulit always impress me with quirky things on sale there from medicine and traditional herbs to fruits, from electric appliances to used pipe sink, from mundane household paraphenalia to genuine antic. Phew* One of the best flea market in Malaysia I've ever been I guess.

The very focus apek. He knew what he wants.

Off the record, when I went there back in my student era in mid 90s, I ever stumbled with the still wet jeans and the rice pot that still had rice in it being sold in this flea market. That amazed me too, alot =)

Craps for us but valuable stuffs for somebody else. The art of Road Walk.

After strolling around for almost every inch of the market, we off to our bike to our next destination. We didn't buy anything except a kg of sweet seedless grapes for us to munch on the bike along our tour de island trip.

Promptly we decided to go to Bukit Bendera or also known as Penang Hill, since we never been there before.

It's a hill system with a resort at the height of 833m above sealevel and about 6km from the city centre which we can reach the top using the Penang Hill Railway system from the downhill station.

Penang Hill View : source from internet

It was first cleared by Francis Light to grow strawberry and originally known as Strawberry Hill before they changed it to Bukit Bendera [Flag Hill] and the first hotel built, was back in 1890 at the top of the hill.

We arrived at the peak time, at 12pm and the only trolley available was at 3pm. Darn. So we just spent our time at the downhill station, eating ice cream, watching people and the trolley before we go to the next destination.

The never stop running train and it was packed for the whole day.

There was nothing much to see at the downhill station except of the crowded station with the local & foreign tourist thats including the Mat Banglas. There were alot of them. Maybe it's a weekend off so they took this opportunity to support our tourism industry.

Love your friend pose by the Bangladeshi.

Less than an hour, we fled to our next destination, Batu Feringghi & Teluk Bahang! Yeah. Beaches!

to be continued.


  1. Good way to take in Penang, on a motorbike. From my previous trip there earlier this year, I can say that the traffic jams in the city can be just as bad as KL. Looking forward to your next instalment. Also sending my new year wishes to you and wifey, may the coming year be a very fruitful one to you both.

  2. Hi Zendra

    Yeah, motorbike is the best mode of transportation to explore this tiny island bcoz of the congested traffic. But it is not recommended as we need to be extra extra careful and it was a scary experience though, knowing how "polite" the drivers are in Penang haha.

    Happy New Year Zendra, I wish you n your family will have the blast one!


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