Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas : the American & Malaysian's

Christmas in US is something really different than ours back in Malaysia. I always get a quote from my friends back in Malaysia, saying that how wonderful Christmas celebration is in this west side of the world.

How white the Christmas are, how beautiful Christmas trees and ornaments to be decorated, how smooth Santa clause will fly from north pole sending gifts from house to house through the chimney for the kids [even he is damn fat to get pass through it] and how excited the people are celebrating Christmas. And it's all just an exaggeration. Big time.

For the people here, Christmas is just an another ordinary holiday season for them to breakaway from their hectic work or routine life but the holiday that they need to spend alot for decorations and gifts. Having family dinner together on Christmas Eve and everything will be ended by the end of the day of the Christmas itself.

And most of the people, they will opt to go for holiday at the warmer part of the world since this is one of the season that they can go for a long vacation and escape from the chillness in this north hemisphere winter. So where's the family spirit in Christmas?

But this is true, the shopping and prices in Thankgiving and Christmas Sales are CRAZY.

Back in Malaysia, especially if you are in Sarawak which we have 43% of Christian community from the whole population, we celebrate Christmas as we celebrate other religious festival. Balik kampung, family dinner is a compulsory, mediocre gifts and the most iconic culture for us, OPEN HOUSE and FOOD and more FOOD. I missed that very much.

It's the time for us to visit our friends, having good time together, get wasted and makan all you can. Most of the hosts of open house now really concern to provide halal food for muslim friends. which is a very good thing and show how we respect each others. It happens to other festives too such as Hari Raya or Chinese New Year or Gawai Dayak.

We went to The Baring's Christmas Open House, a couple from Sarawak who settled down in Philly

Don't expect an invitation to any open house here in the United States unless you're are a family member or a very close friend of the host because there is no such thing as open house. It's a very closed occasion. Well, it is just not their culture I guess. Which I am very lucky to be part of our culture back home which everyone of us can ignore our differences and celebrate our festive season as its ours and together with our friends [or strangers] from other races and religion.

Luckily we still have the value and culture to bring together and celebrating christmas as we always do back in Malaysia. Good company, good food and merrier christmas.

Everybody is celebrating the christmas. Thanks a lot to the Baring's family.

Yes, maybe we don't have white christmas or Caucasian look santa or chimney for him to get in but we still sustaining the real value of christmas itself. So be proud to be a Malaysian because of our open and sharing culture, together with the great value of it. Get rid of the prejudism. Ignore the politician race hatred propaganda. Eat as if there is no tomorrow at the open house and make sure you workout like hell aftermath.

Merry Christmas everybody, wherever you are.


  1. wish i was there too! hehe...anyway tx vstd my blog n...mery xmas/epy new year! :)

  2. Hi there my friend, how you doin'?
    Nice pics. Here's wishing you and all at home the very best of Seasons greetings, have a happy new year, Lee.

  3. Yo mybreakfastclub

    you are welcome here. =) no prob. keep up the good posting dude. Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Uncle

    Long silent you were, busy raya is it? haha

    How was you xmas? I hope you had the great one! =) Happy new year and enjoy you new year with the loves one.


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