Thursday, December 31, 2009

Judgemental Kills The Cat. Hmm..Yeah, That Cat.

"Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta" Is that true?

What about "Cinta Pandang Pertama" or Love at First Sight? What is that all about?

Whatever it is, many of us believe in that first sight love but also most of us know that, it takes time to be in love with someone.

There is a study found a man can fall in love after gazing at woman in less than 10 seconds, and the longer he looks, the more interested he is.

And if he is not interested, the gaze will drop to only 4.5 seconds. That is how fast people [especially men] fall in love.

Have you ever, don't like somebody at the first time you meet them? You dont even know him or her, but already you dont like them? What the heck is that?

Why do we sometimes immediately know that we don't like them?

We usually relates this with our instinct, intuition or gut feeling but the study have found there's something more going on that just barely meets the eye.

They call it MICROEXPRESSION. Remember that.

Human face is a medium or a sign that sends us message. When we "read" data, there's a lot of data to be coded, either it's long or angular or chubby? muscle tone? How big are the eyes? Thick lips? Bald? Nose etc.?

Usually when we meet stranger when the first time we meet them, we will try to match them to the face that we already know.

Which we will perceive changes that have taken place such as scarring, skin tone or wrinkles and also taking account of artificial adornments such as eyeglasses, makeup, tattoos or piercing.

We make personal judgement based on what the person has added by choice.

So if you ever had a stern English teacher, name Miss Lim when you were in primary 4, who always rotan you for not doing your homework given, she never smiled one.

And if it happens to be you who meet a lady with slidely looks like her somewhere, I bet your first expression to that poor lady is: she is fierce and stern. Eventhough the fact is, she is so lemah lembut and a very sweet soft spoken lady.

That is because of that microexpression of yours that do all the work of judgement for you. Same thing happen if you meet somebody looks like Angelina Jolie or Gerard Butler, its vice versa.

Something like that. You can read more about microexpression, just google it.

The best thing to do is, be fair and we should give people no judgement at the first time we meet them. Respect them the way they are and respect the choice they made for themselves.

That is my resolution for this 2010. Do not judge people. Respect their choice. Blend in more and make the world a better place to live.

I never had a resolution for new year before, in fact I never believed in one, but 2010 is different. I want to have one and will give it a try.

Happy New Year 2010!!

p.s: My significant other's name is Miss Lim too but she is way hotter, sweeter, lemah lembut and never rotan me. [so far]


  1. Hi Fleece Mater, Happy New Year to you, your gorgeous MRS and kid.
    Wishing you the very best of 2010.

    Ha ha, old days mana ada human rights? Rattan was the status symbol in many homes as well displayed in schools.

    I never got rattan in school, but I think I hold the all time record for writing 500 and 1000 lines of, "I must not bring snakes to school', or "I must not put spiders in teachers desk', ha ha.

    And my Mom thought her only son very hard working doing homework 3 hours nonstop, ha ha ha.
    Have a happy new year. Lee.

  2. My oh my. Obama and Kim Jong Il are so purdyyy. Happy 2010 to you, Kak Sheilla and the kids! :D Arap-arap azam ya tercapeilah o!

  3. Yo Fleece Master, no wonder you kena rotan. Curi-curi ambil gambar English teacher from low angle lagi. To your pretty & sweet Ms Lim, don't rotan the Master OK, he's already used to it... just WHIP him into cream when he's naughty.

    Happy New Year guys!

  4. Hello Master Lee

    lucky you to had a mum who monitored you well in doing your homework. Maybe I was too naughty when I was little, and kena rotan was normal to me hahaha. well, rotan by the parents n teachers, it taught me to be "human" today. Thanks to them.

    Well, happy new year uncle. Be 2010 of yours will be a blast! Regards!

  5. Thank you Zatil,

    Lamak sik nemu ktk di dunia blog tok hehe. Selamat tahun baru juak, and kak sheilla says hi to u too.

  6. Dear Zen

    my mrs wont rotan me one, shes too lemah-lembut, she cant even kill the fly hehe. But she will scares me only when, she keeps mum. that is really really scary =))

    p.s : thats not my cikgu english pic, my cikgu english looked more fierce n garang and i wont take a pic of her from lower angle. that is suicidal hahha

  7. Miss Tikot

    Selamat Tahun Baru to u too and congrats for the new house! Invite us for a cup of coffee when we are back in Kch next year ok?


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