Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Fiercest Snow Storm Ever

The last time east coast of America hit by more than 16" was back in 1932. The worst one was in 1909 which 20" blanketed the whole North Carolina to New England. But yesterday it was the fiercest storm since then that dropped record an average of 20" snow from Virginia to New England and that included 23" of snow in the city we stay in, Philadelphia. It was the biggest December snow storm ever recorded in Philadelphia history.

The view early in the Saturday morning of stormy weekend

The Authority declared state emergency for the whole state. All schools and public services were closed, the whole city was shut down and stranded travelers. The gust and chill weather started to hit a night before, and we can feel the chillness outside despite of the full blast of the heater. And the storm started to hit in the middle of the night.

the backyard of our apartment. Can you see how strong the wind were?

Since we went to bed early, we only realized how bad the condition was when we woke up the next morning. The whole parking lot was blanketed with thick snow, with the cars parked covered with whiteness and the storm was still yet on it's peak.

The parking lot view at 3pm

It was blizzard the whole day. We only went out in the evening to check it out and it was still stormy which the temperature was still subzero 8 deg celcius. Brrr..

I'm sure the cars' owners have hard work to do early in the morning tomorrow.

The main entrance of our apartment complex. No vehicle's permitted.

Our apartment swimming pool. Want to swim?

The snow truck drivers were the busiest people yesterday.

My wife's first snow angel of the season

Well, at least we have witnessed 2 major occasions since we are in Philadelphia First, Phillies won its World Series Major League Baseball last year since 1980 and the second one, the biggest ever snow storm in Philadelphia history.

And for me, the best thing to do in this kind of weather is just to chill inside the house, drink hot choc and watch more and more tv. If in my kampung, I will prefer thick coffee made by my mak and cicah with biskut mary or eat ubi kayu rebus cicah gula. Euphoria*


  1. Hey Fleece, looks like you guys had fun playing in the snow. As long as the power supply don't get cut-off OK lah. Otherwise more early nights for you guys ;)

  2. Wow... best nya juak snow ya eh. Imagine bandung + Ikan Masin + hot coffee, yummy...

  3. Wow.. snowing the way..Merry Xmas..

  4. Hi Zendra

    We were shivering esp my wife since the temp was -8deg C and difficulty to jalan even to open the eyes because of the strong gust. Whatever it is, it was fun =) and Yeap, luckily the power didn't cut off or we will freeze to death.

  5. Ms Tikot

    yalah ko. mun ada ubi bandong panas2, roti keben cicah dgn kopi jalan gambier mesti nyaman. Mun di rmh kpg d kch, masa ujan2 lebat kompom dah berusah mkn dpn tv haha. Terimak kaseh singgah oi. Jgn jerak.

  6. hi miss Alv,

    it was not only snow, it was storm haha.Its always scenic view everytime snow turun. And this year, its gonna be a white xmas! but i bet xmas di sabah is more happening. Di sini, xmas boring nda' ada open house =))

  7. Oh, love the snow angel =) Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

  8. Hi Brenda

    Im not sure either the snow angel must comes with legs effect or only hands? Pls let me know =))i never tried one and never will I think but my wife love it!

    Have a good xmas and happy new year Brenda!


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