Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fat Bastard

Big belly is a sign of prosperity? Really? Oh ya, and it is also a big sign of obesity and excess body fat which will give you an adverse effect to your health, leading to reduce of your life expectancy. It will expose you to the risk of having heart diseases, diabetes, breathing difficulty, apnea and the most obvious one, a difficulty of moving since you are burden with an excess lemak all over your body.

I used to be an athlete when I was in school and university, which I represented my boarding school in Johor for 100m and 200m events in Majlis Sukan Sekolah-Sekolah Daerah Johor and also in football. While in university, I represented the matriculation and my college in football and very active in outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain climbing and jungle exploration with my Exploration Club which I was the high committe and the Acting President. I was a very fit and slim dude. ehem*

But that was more than 10 years ago. After I started my working career, my time for sports and outdoor activities was totally limited. I only managed to do some exercise, say hmm.. .twice a week? It was a disaster in the making I guess.

I gained weight more than 10kg between 1998 to 2008. That was a kg per year. Dude? That was not good. Then when we moved to Philadelphia early 2008, my weight was 78kg. After 18 bless months in this Uncle Sam's country, I gained 8 more kg forgodsake! I blame it on the cold weather and lack of activities, plus good food and my laziness. A disasterous combination. I started to notice that :-

1. my face is getting rounder
2. my neck is dissapearing
3. my belly is getting big
4. my cheek is getting puffy
5. I started to have a joint pain. and that is every joint of my body.
6. My pants' waist is shrinking
7. I will have a difficulty to move and breath esp after makan
8. I can see my boobs when I wear a slightly small t-shirt of mine
9. I'm having a difficulty to bend down even to tie my shoelace
10. I can't see my own toes when I stand up straight
11. I'm easily getting tired.
12. And I eat as if there is no tomorrow. Everytime. Every meal.
13. Phew* and even listing this down makes me tired....

So when we went back to Kuching last summer for summer break holiday, I was the laughing stock to my friends. I'm fatter and heavier than the fattest friend of ours [before I left Kuching] Darn it! haaha

And that's it! I decided to get my previous weight back before we go back to Kuching next summer. That is 78kg. That means I need to get rid of this 8 extra kgs of fat within 6 months.

I already started going to our apartments' gym since last month consistently 4 days a week. I spent 2 hours for every session and I have loss 2kg since then. I hope I can reach my target by end of April next year and get to wear my old pants and t-shirt without worrying of breathing difficulty and having cleavage boobs. Euw*?

I will update my progress from now on. I will be the next biggest loser. Err.. I think.


  1. ,,,tell you my secret to loose weight ?
    ,,,meself lost 20 kg within 9 months, yes 20 solid shit of it hahaha !!...how ?. Watch my diet and drink lots and lots of water. Yes, you start off by drinking 3 x glasses of water first thing in the morning even b4 b'fast o.k. and after your normal b'fast,,,drink more water !.. combine lunch & dinner into 1 meal and do it at 0600-0700 pm but b4 it eat fruits,,,as much as you want..apples, apples, apples as I do, easy to carry along mah !! but go for other fruits available yaa. O.K after that meal,,,more water, water, water and fruits, fruits fruits !!,,,No coke no buggers/hotdogs or any fast food yaa !! No No No,,,yes say NO to unhealthy food, go for fruits or vege.
    ,,,try this out,immediately and you will be back in your desired size BUT do sweat it out in the gym or walk around as much as possible for the exercise....don't be lazy !.

    O.K.,,,,be happy with your newself, look in the mirror often, love yourself again, take care of it ?. If not why not ???.



  2. Capt,

    Wow.. that is a very huge task to be done haha. With the aggresive approach of your diet regime, it needs a high determination and full driven to do it. thanks for the tips, I will try to apply it but not up to your standard I think hahaha. I try to get to stable my cardio and try to increase my metabolisme level by doing a lot of cardio exercise. I think it works since my tummy is getting flat and I lost weight consistenly. If tak jalan jugak, then I will apply your diet regime method haha. Thanks Capt for dropping by and the good tips of your.

  3. hahhaa tetak mek maca entri tok lawak

  4. tetak ktk jude. ya nang perasaan sebenar dr apa yg kmk rasa selamak dah jadi gemok. btw, good luck for ur working out as asked by the doctor. kau boleh jude! haha

    p.s : its jenaka, bkn lawak jude =))

  5. jul ..lawak bukan sama dgn jenaka kah? ..
    cuba kitak minum air liak campo dgn lime jus tiap tiap ari ..mesti perut slim skit hehe..mun sik ..lumor perut ngan kapur campo limo nipis..kedak urg beranak eh..bagus juak..try la.haha

  6. hahaha..lewat juak kejawak rupa kmk tiap mlm betapal perut dgn kapo campo limo nipis. enggaii kuu... hahahaha. tok dah ok dah, dah kurang boroi. apa tek... diet + workout konoknya tek haha.

    Btw, kmk ada terbaca artikel somewhere, sik ada bukti saintifik mdh minum aik limo & lime jus boleh ngurus perut. Just double check mun ada masa.


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