Sunday, November 29, 2009

Have a Good One

My wife at the riverside of Schuykill River, Philadelphia - Just across of our apartment building

Wo... It has been quite a while I didn't update the blog. Maybe "a while" is not an appropriate word, let say I stopped posting any post since last March, before we went back to Kuching for summer break and it's already winter now. Maybe sebab aku malas nak update or maybe sebab I had no inspiration or maybe whatsoveryever.

Oh what the heck, I'm back this time for the special cameo and tomorrow is my birthday. Frankly speaking, I dont feel anything about it, I'm not excited or looking forward to anything. It is just like any other ordinary day. Well, it's just a transition of the number of our life, so just carry on with what are we doing.

My Mak told me, I was born at 1pm on hot humid Sunday afternoon while my uncle was in the middle of bersanding atas pelamin at my Nenek's house 34 years ago. Mak said, usually anyone who born in the afternoon is bengkeng and keras hati. I think I was bengkeng, maybe. I don't know, I can't judge myself.

Alrite then, that's it I guess. I hope this will be the restarting line for me to post and activate my blog again after this.

Have a good one.


  1. sorry.. not gigi, your throat?? was wondering y u r so quiet

  2. better i guess, but the air here is so dry and it doesnt help to 100% cure, yet =). thanks for asking Ida.


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