Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yeah, at last! good bye mr. tonsil

At last, I just got my tonsil removed this morning after 2 times being postponed due to my stupidity and then because of the cold and fever that i had. For the time being, I'm still high with the anesthetic. It's not that painful [yet] since I'm still in the anesthetic and painkiller. So I'll wait and see how it goes tomorrow morning or tonight. Wish me luck.

My tonsils have been the pain in the neck for more than a year. I hope I will feel much better after this.

That is how does it looks like outside the body system. Bye-bye tonsil. I'm gonna miss you. really. =(


  1. bkn di, masa i sedar i tgh superhigh masa ditunjuk sidak my last tonsil before sidak ngantar pegi pathologist. sik sempat say goodbye.

  2. ya ampun, gia kah rupa nya.... ilang selera mkn ari tok.... uwekkk

  3. haha.. at least ktk dah tauk camne rupanya ida. Mun kmk sik kenak operate nang sik tauk juak la sampei bila2 camne rupa benda nama tonsil ya.


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