Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cameo Entry

Sunset at Washington DC's Waterfront

After 2 weeks of pain and agony in swallowing food, my tonsilless and hollow sensation throat is getting better but still can't really talk that much worrying it will pressurize the blood vassel in soft spot of my throat that have been swollen for 2 suffercating weeks. I have an appoinment with Dr Seth Zwillenberg this coming Friday for follow up check up post surgery. I hope the throat will be 100% recovered within this one month so I can eat and drink descent food after 2 weeks of eating porridge, variety of soups, bread and milk as my main diet. I noticed that I loss some weight. Hey! Isn't it a good thing? A bless of the agony I guess.

Till then, I'll be back soon.


  1. glad u're feeling better. I heard a doctor said ice cream suppose to be good for tonsils??

  2. Spoke too soon. A day after I posted this entry i was admitted to hospital sbb the stitches burst with the flooding blood. now tgh sambung recuperation =)) for 3 more weeks. sigh*

  3. arrrrggghhh !!!

    OMG! hope u feel better... kesian u ...


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