Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cameo Entry

Sunset at Washington DC's Waterfront

After 2 weeks of pain and agony in swallowing food, my tonsilless and hollow sensation throat is getting better but still can't really talk that much worrying it will pressurize the blood vassel in soft spot of my throat that have been swollen for 2 suffercating weeks. I have an appoinment with Dr Seth Zwillenberg this coming Friday for follow up check up post surgery. I hope the throat will be 100% recovered within this one month so I can eat and drink descent food after 2 weeks of eating porridge, variety of soups, bread and milk as my main diet. I noticed that I loss some weight. Hey! Isn't it a good thing? A bless of the agony I guess.

Till then, I'll be back soon.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight Saving and Spring

Yesterday we had to add 1 hour forward to our daily clock since it was the end of Daylight Saving Time. Twice each year, clocks are adjusted forward one hour at the beginning of Spring and are adjusted backward in Autumn. Adding daylight are a common practice around the world but not in countries located at Equator since both day and night are at the same proportion [12 hours each].

This means that Spring is just around the corner. Yeap, Spring. After hibernating for almost 3 months during winter, we can't wait for the arrival of the bright sun and mild temperature. We also anticipate the Spring blossom when the flowering plants start to bloom with their beautiful colors after being togel for the whole winter. Can't wait for the snow to melt and the streams swell with runoffs.

And most of all, we can't wait to get rid of the thick, heavy and troublesomewear of our winter jackets, gloves, cap, winterboot and thermal shirts. We definitely can't wait to wear our flipflop, sandals, t-shirt and seluar pendek.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yeah, at last! good bye mr. tonsil

At last, I just got my tonsil removed this morning after 2 times being postponed due to my stupidity and then because of the cold and fever that i had. For the time being, I'm still high with the anesthetic. It's not that painful [yet] since I'm still in the anesthetic and painkiller. So I'll wait and see how it goes tomorrow morning or tonight. Wish me luck.

My tonsils have been the pain in the neck for more than a year. I hope I will feel much better after this.

That is how does it looks like outside the body system. Bye-bye tonsil. I'm gonna miss you. really. =(

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's freaking cold up here

Living in the southern hemisphere countries, you need to cope with the hectic weather. Unlike Malaysia, the only thing that we should be worried about is whether it's gonna be very hot, or will it rain the next day. The worst case scenario, if it's hot, all we need to do is just stay in a building and drink lots of fluid to keep us hydrate. And during rainy season between the month of December - February, just get ready for the pouring rain the whole day and chill weather. We just love the sound of the rain tapping the roof and the smell in the air aftermath raining. And if it's during the king's tide, just get your boat ready!

The view from our apartment's window in summer

Last night, we had a severe snow storm. It didn't stop till late afternoon. Based from the weather forecast channel, the entire eastern coastal of U.S, from Georgia to Maine were in the parameter of this storm. Yeap, there was a strong wind with snow as thick as 8" blanketed our place.

The same spot when it started to get stormy yesterday

The temperature drop drastically from 10 deg Celsius to -2 deg Celsius within just a few hours. Most of the schools, colleges and offices in our area were closed and car accidents occured everywhere due to the slippery road and limited view distance because of the snow and fog. Tomorrow, it's gonna be colder with expected -10 deg Celsius. Brrrrr*

How we wish we are on the beach somewhere back home, basking under the hot humid sun

Time and time again, we miss the weather at home. The hot, humid and bright shiny sun and the heavy rain the whole day with thunder and lightning. And this time, we vow not to complain if it is too hot in the middle of the day. Promise.
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