Sunday, February 8, 2009

Warung in Philly

Being away from home especially if you are in western countries, warung or simple kedai makan like the ones we have back at home are rare to be found. It's harder if you don't have big Malay community in a town where you live and as a Muslim, we need to be extra particular when it comes to eating outside.

The outside view of the so-called warung

Since we arrived here, we prefer to eat at home or if we want to try something different, we will go to Arab or Indian restaurant that serves only halal food. Craving for Malay warung food haunt us most of the time. Just recently, we found out from the Malaysian students at Temple University about an Indonesian restaurant that serves local Indonesian food somewhere in South Philly. Hey, it's Indonesian food and "we are serumpun", [so cliche]. So we decided to give it a try since we have been craving for Malay warung food for ages!

The "exotic" interior design that we really missed all this while

The warung is called Waroeng Surabaya, located south at Moore St and Hicks [say 15 street blocks away from Philly downtown]. We went there 3 times. At first it was a splendid one. We ate like we never have eaten nasik before. The second time around we brought our Sarawakian friends with family from Virginia to try the food. The last time we went there was two days back, and to be honest, the food is not as delicious as the first time we came.

The variety of lauk-pauk available which can be ordered with the tip of your finger [finger pointing and with the magic words " yang itu pak, iyaaa..yang itu pak"]

Well, beggars cannot be choosers and it's better than nothing at all. Besides, we love tempe and sayur lode a whole lot! Drool*


  1. Yalah ho...mun dah pegi sine-sine pun, tauk dak pusuk, blacan, nasik juak dicarik kita...

  2. nyalah ya til. tapi pusuk & blacan sik dpt dimbak, kenak ambik sidak kastam. nasib bait maggie lepas hehe


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