Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tonsil : Love & Hate

Supposedly, I should have underwent a surgery today, a tonsil removal procedure [tonsillectomy]. And supposedly, it should be done last 2 weeks back but I screwed up. Yeap, I screwed up my own surgery by having a slice of bread for breakfast which I was not supposed to have anything to eat 12 hours prior to the surgery. I have no one else to blame except myself because the nurse has told me earlier that I CANNOT eat or drink 12 hours prior to the surgery. But I was too forgetful and didn't listen to my wife. So they rescheduled my surgery in 2 weeks time. Damn* Just because of a slice of bread.

My doctor said I'm having a chronic tonsillitis which I have suffered for more than a year. I've been waiting for this surgery for ages. Before this I was on medication and was under observation by my doctor, Dr Seth Zwillenberg. He just didn't want to simply remove and throw away the tonsil and by the way, it's the only tonsil that I have forgodsake. So he got me into antibiotic. First antibiotic was sulfa. It was fine and I can feel the improvement in my throat.

That's where the tonsil is. Tonsillectomy in adults is more painful than in children's, although each patient will have a different experience [wikipedia]

BUT after 1 week of taking the prescription, I got myself admitted to Lankenau Hospital. I'm allergic to sulfa and I didn't know that. Crap. I just found out about it when I had swollen and itchiness all over my body out of sudden in the middle of my sleep [I looked like a monster from the swamp]. So after being discharged, the doctor put my with a different antibiotic. It worked good on me, my throat felt better and less of hoarse voice.

But recently the pain in my throat is back after 5 months of relief and that left the doctor with no other option than to take out the tonsil. I know it will be a painful procedure for an adult like me. But I'd rather to be in pain for a week than living in discomforts especially every time when I wake up in the morning or talk to people because of the the sore throat caused from the tonsil.

But for now, I need to wait maybe another 2 weeks or a month to get into the schedule after the surgery was cancelled today due to my fever and cold that I have since last weekend. Darn it! I just want to get rid of this tonsil. It's killing me. Or maybe it's a sign, my tonsil just don't wanna let me go?

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