Friday, February 27, 2009

Teh Botol

Yeah! We found Teh Botol in Philly. Didn't really expect there's this ice tea brand in this city. My wife likes this tea back home eventhough in Kuching it's not really famous but in KL, it is well known.

The yummy teh botol

I guess the Indons are really going global after all. Same goes with the Thai's products. They are everywhere especially in oriental groceries stores. The only Malaysian original product that we found in Philly are santan paste and shrimps, so far, excluding all other big international co. product that have factories in Malaysia like Nestle. Maybe there are many others in the American market, it is just a matter of time that we will eventually stumble into them. Hopefully.


  1. wow, that's cool.... sayang our Malaysian product should go all out globally, we have so much potential

  2. There's alot of Malaysian products out there but most of it from the international co. who have their kilang in Malaysia esp the electronic appliances and comodities but we are lack of products that purely made and from scratch by Malaysian. We need to be intensively to get into innovation and knowledge economy.


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