Monday, February 2, 2009

Summer Backpacking Plan

We know that Summer 2009 is still a long way to go, but we couldn't help making plans on where to go for the holiday. 3 long months. Where should we start? Right here in Philly? Or Chicago, where the Midwest Sports competition between universities will be held (May 22-24). But we'll definitely make a red stop in LA, just to meet up with relatives and friends.

What transportation should we use? Airplane? Or train, where we get to sit back and enjoy the trip at our own pace, making stops at each States and stay for a night or two at lodgings or hostels, whichever we prefer AND within our budget. Options options options.

Thinking about the West Coast this time around makes us feel warm inside. We can just imagine ourselves wearing t-shirts and shorts, with flip flops and sunnies, sipping iced tea and getting ourselves a tan. 2 years of honeymoon bliss. Better take a full advantage out of it


  1. Kitak orang penah polah cross country ride sik? Cam bes jak mek nangga lam tibi.

  2. this will be our first trip from east to west coast. before tok kmk org made a road-trip within east coast ajak from north to south. gik tgh mikir either nak makey road trip or train.


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