Thursday, February 26, 2009

Japanese House in Philly

We were heading to Philly Downtown last Friday to get some information regarding the Amtrak pass ticket for our summer trip plan. We were just about to merge into route 76, when we got stuck in a very bad traffic jam. Great. We moved slowly bumper to bumper with other cars, not knowing what waiting for us upfront. So, we decided to take the first exit to get to the other path towards downtown via the Fairmount Park. We were quite sure that there were not many drivers who know about this road, except for those who live nearby in West Philly.

Philly downtown skyscrapers view taken from the Philadelphia Museum of Art

On the way, we saw a signboard of "Japanese House". Hmm... we saw the signboard a couple of times before and we never bother about it. But this time, since we still have the time, we decided to look for it.

It was a gusty and chilly day. We drove slowly deeper into the park with no one else around. After 5 minutes drive from the main road, we saw an isolated Japanese house surrounded with big trees in the middle of the park. Wow... we didn't expect there is a Japanese house in Philadelphia and it is just minutes away from our place.

The isolated and peaceful looking Japanese house in the middle of the park

The house is gated with bricks and there seemed to be no one there. Maybe it's Winter so we made a wild guess that it will be opened next Spring.

A peaceful looking pond at the Japanese house

We spent only 10 minutes hanging around on the brick wall in front of the house before we drove away to continue with our earlier mission, which is to get to downtown using the shortest way possible to reach the 30th Street Station. We'll be back, house. Soon!


  1. Philly bnyk taman pok, really beautiful city. we love it.

  2. Looks like a horror film scene. Was it "The Grudge"? Or "Ju-On"?

  3. I think it The Grudge ak. Ju-On is more urban legend =)


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