Friday, February 20, 2009


For those who likes to watch Nickelodeon channel, you might know about iCarly comedy series.

It's about a Seattle girl, named Carly who has her own web show called iCarly. Together with her sidekick cum best friends Sam as her co-host and Freddie, the technical producer who has a crush on her, they reach out to others with all sorts of web show.

The Casts : Sam, Carly, Freddie and the goofy Spencer

Carly, an average teenage girl who is locally popular due to her web show. Intelligent, pretty, level-headed and an honest person, who would not have a crush on her? She produces her own web casts from a studio in the attic of her Bushwell Plaza apartment.

iCarly Studio

As for Sam, Carly's best friend, she's a trouble maker who likes to torture Freddy most of the time with her witty remarks. Every time she's on air, you'll see her munching on food or talk about food ALL the time. We all can say that she's the exact opposite of Carly. So Carly had to be the peacemaker each time Sam and Freddie had issues.

A vintage car, part of the studio's many designs

Freddie, lives just opposite the hall of Carly's apartment. He has feelings for Carly and everyone knows that. He always seemed to be the victim of Sam's bullying act and guess what? It's funny, seeing him having a hard time with Sam.

The infamous Skybucks Coffee

Oh! Did we forget to mention about goofy Spencer, Carly's big brother? He's an artist, with amazing ideas that on each series, he'll come out with different sculptors and arts. He created a magnetic Chirstmas tree sculpture out of metal junk, a giant coffee drink called Skybucks Coffee, different sorts of socks with bliking lights, etc. We love his spontaneous comedic act. Even though he acts immature, deep down, he is such a responsible person.

Spencer's robot. He had to drink 150 bottles of soda to create this sculpture.

We can just laugh our heads off each time we watch the series. It is, in fact, a simple comedy series acted by talented teenagers. I guess there's a kid within each one of us.

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  1. Hmm...mek suka gik ngan Hannah Montana (no I'm not a fan of hers).


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