Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fav Coffee

I'm not really a coffee goer, the only coffee I drank back home was only my Mak's ice coffee which I will drink when I had the chance to sip it everytime I ransack the fridge [I'm not sure either my Mak notice the changes of her coffee level in her big steel mug]. The coffee were originally made from raw coffee seeds that she bought from the apek's shop at Gambier Street. She will ask the tauke to grind the seed himself before packing it up. The aroma of the coffee is so nice eventhough I don't really like coffee.

But since we arrived here, we can see a lot of coffee shop in every corner of the block and the Americans, they're practically mad about coffee. Usually they have coffee together with bagel or doughnuts for breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

One of the coffee shop in Downtown Philly

And there's different type of coffee shops, from the big and international brands like Starbucks, Coffee Beans, Seattle Coffee or the ma & pa's small coffee shop cum diner. Since we are here, I never hesitate to try all of the coffees especially at ma & pa's diner. Since then, I became an unofficial coffee tester.

Starbucks are everywhere and with their expensive and overtaste coffee, they are affected by the economic recession. Since last year, they had closed down nearly 900 of their outlets.

But my all time favourite is Wawa coffee. Wawa is a convenience store that spreads their franchise within Mid Atlantic region of the U.S. Their coffee is damn nice. Since I tried their coffee, I never look back to other big names like Starbucks or other ordinary coffee shop near our place.

The two nearest Wawa from our place, Narberth Wawa [above] and West Belmont Ave Wawa

There are various types of coffee such as regular, java, brazilian nuts, hazelnut etc.

At Wawa, you pour the coffee on your own (self-service)

The largest cup you can get and the taste will never disappoint you [if you know how to mix up the right stuff]

I like regular Wawa coffee with extra Irish cream. Heaven. And best of all, the coffee is cheap. I can have the largest paper cup for merely USD1.49, instead of having a large Starbucks coffee for USD6.49. Usually, when there's a friend of us coming to town, I will fully recommend Wawa coffee and so far, I didn't get any negative respond. I even think of bringing this franchise back to Kuching.

But after a deep thought, hmm...nahhhh.. I don't think so. I still prefer my Mak's Gambier Road ice coffee =))


  1. hee ... hee.... coffee.... just can't live without it. I try not to have too much, dehydrating and addictive.

  2. is it scientificly proven, minum kopi can cause dehydration? addiction is for sure =)

  3. Coffee? Ummm...
    Tea? Oh yeaahhhh!

  4. coffee? or tea? hell yeah! =)teh tarik? we missed that.

  5. Yes coffee causes dehydration.

    Yum to hazelnut latte.
    Yum to double shot espresso caramel macchiato.

    Keep an eye out for AVOCADO SMOOTHIE, heaven.


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